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Megan Fitzpatrick. An acquaintance of mine was making a small project out of maple and he wanted popular woodworking videos roblox to be black. There are, of course, numerous ways to make them. How did you get started woodworking? Gluing and clamping is one the the most widely-used skills for woodworkers. Tom Caspar.

To get the wood really black, either dissolve the dye at a much higher concentration than the manufacturer suggests or apply a number of coats, allowing each to dry thoroughly before applying the next. But there are some caveats to this answer.

Lockwood, so these were the dyes I got started with. The company still exists at www. The Lockwood dyes I used and still use came in powder form for me to dissolve in water.

Water is not compatible with lacquer, of course, so when I sprayed lacquer and wanted to tint it to make a toner, I used what were and still are called non-grain-raising NGR stains. Now several companies provide concentrated versions of this dye. Laminates were everywhere. Durable, colorful, pliable, inexpensive — genius!

I am happy to share my latest I Can Do That! In this episode, I built a router bit storage case with removable shelves. There are couple unique features as well, the door is polycarbonate with Popular Woodworking Videos 10 a clever hinge mechanism and the pulls on the shelves are made from a…. It feels like there are so many things going on in a small place that coalesce into a wonderful singularity.

But when you start to think of how to…. David Lyell. David Thiel. Don Weber has been a friend to Popular Woodworking for a long time. His knowledge of traditional woodworking and blacksmithing, as the photo above supports — props to photographer Al Parrish! Watching him…. Home Depot was close and I left with my bit. I posted a video on our YouTube channel this morning with Kelly Mehler on table saw kickback.

At that time Kelly was using a European sliding table saw to point out some anti-kickback…. Gluing and clamping is one the the most widely-used skills for woodworkers. Done correctly, you can make strong, lasting bonds in your projects.

Our special thanks to Bessey and Titebond for sponsoring this series. Join our email list and download your choice of 6 plans instantly. Latest Posts. Read more. Sliding Bench-light Block. More Posts. Flexner On Finishing.

Finish Compatibility. Continue Reading. Router Bits For Every Shop. Tricks of the Trade. Lighten Up. Pegged Shoe Rack. This simple rack uses no nails, no screws and holds up to 15 pairs of shoes. Two Edge-trimming Tricks. Woodworking in America: Katie Williams. Small Size, Big Features. Miter Gauge Shooting Board. Why Portable Planers are Better.

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