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It also describes information tools available at eReplacementParts. Customer Service. Thank you for your question! The depth of the rabbet must be deeper than the half-blind router bit depth guide. S4 flush against the workpiece B.

To determine the proper guide for a given joint, place the template guide in the slot on the left side of the corresponding template. Page Wood Preparation Properly preparing the materials for your project is the key to good-looking and tight-fitting joints.

You must cut your wood at perfect right angles Fig. Cuts that are off even one degree will not align correctly Fig. Also, your workpieces must be flat and not cupped. NOTE: For miniature through dovetails, use the accessory kit. Cut both the pins and tails in the vertical position. Cut the tails first. Use two routers if possible - one for the pins and the other for the tails - to make the process quicker and easier.

P4 flush to the vertical board and secure it. Step 5 - Reposition the scrap board A Fig. P5 so that it is flush with the rear edge 4210 Porter Cable 12 Dovetail Jig La of the vertical board B. Step 6 - Remove the pin board and check the fit with the tailboard Fig. For joints that are too tight, move the template away from you slightly.

Page Fitting And Troubleshooting Clamp the tailboard drawer side in lower clamp vertical Step 4 - position on the left side of the base with the outside of the board facing the jig A Fig. Step 5 - Center the board between the farthest finger on the left and the nearest finger on the right of the board. The depth of the rabbet must be deeper than the half-blind router bit depth guide. NOTE: Cut the tails first.

Step 8 - Make a climb-cut from right to left across the outer edge of the tail board to reduce tear-out Fig. Step 9 - Rout in and out of the fingers of the template from left to right Fig. The large amount of gluing surface provides the strength necessary for large projects. NOTE: If you are using the dovetail jig, you will need the accessory kit to make this joint.

You will need the accessory kit for the miniature box joints. S4 flush against the workpiece B. S11 in the lower clamp vertical mounting position on the right side of the jig flush against both the template B and against the right offset guide C with the outside surface facing away from the jig.

T3 on the left side of the template, or by manually setting the router to another depth. Step 5 - Slowly rout along the slot from left to right Fig. All repairs made by these agencies are fully guaranteed against defective material and workmanship. We cannot guarantee repairs made or attempted by anyone other than these agencies. We will repair or replace at our option, any part or parts of the product and accessories covered under this warranty which, after examination, proves to be defective in workmanship or material during the warranty period.

This manual is also suitable for: Print page 1 Print document 27 pages. Cancel Delete. Preferred Partners of. Porter Cable Misc Parts. Continue Shopping Proceed to Checkout. Search within model. Page A. Add to Cart. Popular Parts. Allen Wrench T2. Templet Bracket. Jig saw Parts. Repair Guides Power Tool Care and Maintenance This article 4212 Porter Cable 12 Dovetail Jig Video Image suggests guidelines for power tool care and maintenance.

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