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Apart from heavy duty industrial wood planers and portable benchtop poermatic, there are also electric hand powermatic 20 planer review list which are ideal for planing framing lumber, windows and doors. Ask plansr question about this product. Contact Us. The motor spins powermatic 20 planer review list cutterhead at a speed of 10, RPM, ensuring your stock comes out as smooth as possible. It may not come as a surprise that your OEM planer and jointer knives are usually made to fit a high price point but not necessarily an equally high standard of quality. It's heavy so portable is a relative term.

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So I took to the shop after Thanksgiving, stepping away from my lathe and decided to do something different. I purchased a Bubinga board about 6 ft. It had such beautiful figured grain and sort of a pink-brown color to it, perfect for my 16 year old.

It has been a number of years about 35! Haug, my woodshop instructor. Woodcraft has sponsored two contests on Instructables.

Like the title says, the blades are the weak link on this awesome little planer. A helical cutter is in the near future. The steel used on the blades is just too soft. I recently purchased this planer.

I'm an avid wood worker. I had gotten along ok without a planer. I borrowed one from a friend and decided it was time to purchase my own. I purchased the unit with the mobile base. The unit is heavy and the mobile base makes it easy to move around. I would strongly suggest purchasing the mobile base with this machine.

Great machine, no snipe, smooth finish with little to no sanding. Good planer, maybe a little too expensive for the amount of snipe I get. I get appx. The real positive is it's depth consistency. I haven't really noticed much wandering there. You set a thickness and it stays put. I planed a bunch of oak for a kitchen remodel I did and the surface was nearly finish ready. If you plan on using a planer daily, a bench planer obviously isn't the planer for you.

Massive snipe 3" on each side. I tried everything but it is always there. I have the extension tables and still get snipe. I am a clock maker I find no way to adjust out what I call excessive snipe- 3" on both ends!!! Both extension tables are 0 with main table. Even have 2' more of out table-also at 0. Primary cause is distance from roller to cutter head.

Any help here?? If I have time, I glue sacrifice sticks on edges for the snipe to eat, or don't run stock thru after cutting to length. After a large of bd ft have been run thru, I have lost some footage to the fire wood pile. I watched many a video, compare to other planers, and chose the Dewalt I had used one in a woodcraft class and really liked it.

I ordered the whole package with the stand and it works very well. The wood comes out so smooth it requires little to no sanding. The stand is a great addition and works very well. I can move the planer easily and it takes up very little space. The first board I have ever done looks better than anything I have purchased at the big box wood suppliers. After using the as-built DW for a year or so I upgraded in two significant fashions.

I added a digital gauge, which was quite nice in comparison with previously estimating what fraction of a crank turn I needed for that finish cut. Even better, I added a spiral segmented cutterhead. Rhymes with "helix", but Woodcraft apparently does not want other retailers mentioned. Too bad; actually WC should make arrangements to market it. That nearly doubled the overall cost, but the DW was a great platform for the spiral cutter and I'd take this route again in a heartbeat.

The two great advantages are 1 the finish is just about free of any need to sand, whereas the HSS factory blades kinda get to where they are pounding the wood off rather than cutting it, and 2 the lifetime of the 40 four-sided carbide cutters is immense compared with the steel Dewalt blades. That's true whether you measure lifetime in board feet processed per blade change, or board feet per buck. The latter is even more impressive than the former. The dust collection with a sufficiently powerful system drawing on a 4" hose is essentially dust free.

I am pretty punctilious about shop cleanliness, and I don't even feel the need to reach for a broom after using the DW

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