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We have seen a great reduction in checking as well products like green lumber an overall improvement in product appearance. Ecolife yards lumbed and is a greener, safer product for gredn and our customers to handle at relatively the same price point. Studs are used to frame walls and provide a foundation to install drywall and insulation. Need a Contractor? Ecolife provides maximum protection products like green lumber enhanced performance for outdoor wood framing, decking, fencing and any project exposed to the weather.

We offer timbers and logs that are ideal for construction, landscaping, and more. Pine boards are great for a variety of different applications, including carpentry, shelving, general finish work, hobbies, and furniture. Hardwood lumber and boards are widely used for trims, furniture, and other decorative woodworking projects.

If you want your project Stanley Lumber Products Fairhope Al Regret to have the natural beauty of wood with added benefits, our selection of treated wood products have been pressure treated to prevent decay and keep insects from Cedar Products Lumber Company Bremerton University destroying the wood. Ecolife has been a home run for us and our customers. Our customers are very happy with the performance in the field. Ecolife yards better and is a greener, safer product for us and our customers to handle at relatively the same price point. Out in the yard, boards remain straighter and look nicer for a longer period of time.

Our inventory shrinkage is lower due to fewer boards going bad on the rack. Best of all, we have repeat customers coming back and asking for Ecolife because of its performance for them as well. Word of mouth has spread, and business for Ecolife is definitely growing. Ecolife CSI 3-part architectural specs. Ecolife and VOC's. How to specify treated wood products.

Not intended for contact with soil. Click here for AWPA information on how to specify treated wood. This document is subject to updates and revisions. Environmentally-Advanced Wood Protection. Listen to the video below on why one of the largest deck builders Blue Mountain Lumber Products Llc Kr in the country prefers Ecolife over other wood options.

Product Applications. Outdoor Projects. Ecolife is perfect for porches, arbors, gazebos, trellis', and walkways.

We're on the job with you from the moment your products are ordered until the day the project is done. For home builders and remodelers, our resources include everything from our Panel Guide App to help you pick the right panel for the job, to a Tool Selector and our YouTube channels for product information and tips on proper installation. But our products go into more than just buildings.

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