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CNC Router 80/20 products are perfect for businesses, groups, and the home-hobbyist alike. Here’s a great testimonial from David, who used 80/20 profiles and parts to build a custom CNC machine . Jan 12,  · CNC routers are great tools for makers. You can “route” them to do your deeds as long as they have the right tool head. In this roundup, we list of some of the top-rated machines out there to help you find the best CNC router for you. Our selection Cnc Router Machine Lxm0609 Java includes affordable CNC router kits, mid-range machines, and professional CNC router systems. I decided I needed a better and more accurate CNC router than my old "Woodpile CNC" machine. I planned on making it (almost) entirely from metal, and mostly using 80/20 components. 80/20 is billed as the industrial "Erector Set", because you can build almost anything from the standardized parts just by bolting them together.

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