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Use the rounded ball tip for the rotary tool and turn it on to the slowest speed. This tool makes pumkpin fast and easy to create small holes for accents or patterns. Related wikiHows How to. These are sharp, so this set would be best suited to older kids under supervision. But having the right tools on hand helps to make your pumpkin masterpieces with expert precision.

Push the cutter in a straight line following the outlines for your name. Throw away the scrap pieces of skin as you remove them from the pumpkin. While light will shine through the lighter interior skin, go over areas where you want highlights in your name with the cutter again. Keep the skin in some areas of your design thicker so you have spots that are darker than others. Be careful not to break through to the inside of the pumpkin, or else a bright spot will appear in your name when you light it up.

Try using a Dremel rotary tool to remove the skin quickly. Use the rounded ball tip for the rotary tool and turn it on to the slowest speed. Lightly press the rotating tip against the pumpkin skin and guide it around the outlines of your letters. Press deeper into the skin if you want to add highlights to your name, but be careful not to break through to the inside of the pumpkin.

Look for Pumpkin Carving Kit Home Bargains Model Dremel tools at your local hardware or craft store. Dremel tools work great for cutting around curves that may be difficult to maneuver around with the linoleum cutter. Spray a lemon juice solution on the exposed skin to help preserve it. Combine equal parts of lemon juice and cold water in a spray bottle and thoroughly Pumpkin Carving Kit Kohls Special mix them. Apply the spray to the etched letters wherever you cut through the outer skin. Then spray the inside of the pumpkin as well to prevent it from rotting as quickly.

Set a tealight in the pumpkin if you want the design illuminated. Set the tealight on the bottom of the pumpkin and light the flame. Position the back Pumpkin Carving Kit Tool Names Quote piece you cut off earlier over the hole to help make your name look brighter on the front. Display the pumpkin inside or outside of your home. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. Look for pumpkins that are white or green if you want to make it look more unique.

Helpful 0 Not Helpful 0. Submit a Tip All tip submissions are carefully reviewed before being published. Always use caution while carving a pumpkin.

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Did this article help you? Yes No. They are designed to help you master the technique , providing both a certain amount of guidance and the room for creative freedom. Tape your chosen design to the pumpkin , and start to etch, carve, and even drill in the details.

More elaborate pumpkin carvings will also take more time and attention than simplified designs. But having the right tools on hand helps to make your pumpkin masterpieces with expert precision. The sharp teeth on this saw can slice through a pumpkin's tough shell, and its flexible blade allows for curved cuts. Sculpting tools, such as large plaster scrapers and smaller fleshing tools, remove pulp and thin a pumpkin's walls.

The serrated loop on this tool easily scrapes away the flesh, allowing light to shine through. This item is used to carve detail into the surface of a pumpkin with great accuracy. Make a skin-deep outline and pattern with V- and U-shaped blades in a few sizes. Speedball Lino Set No. Used by potters to create holes in clay, these short metal pipes with a sharp end and a capped one will work well on pumpkins, too. These are good for transferring designs from paper to a pumpkin. For instance, a monogram is created by taping a template to the rind, and tracing it by poking holes.

These common baking tools can make uncommon designs: crescent moons, stars, skulls, and other Halloween motifs. Tap a cookie cutter with a rubber mallet to penetrate the rind of the pumpkin. Traditional kitchen tools such as a melon baller can carve spherical chunks out of the shell of a pumpkin. These depressions will glow when light shines through them. Updated September 05, A sharp serrated knife will be your main tool for cutting and carving sections of your pumpkin designs. When it comes to the right knife, look for one with a sharp point that punches through tough skin without too much pressure and a slim but robust serrated blade for making easy work of pumpkin chunks.

Now bear with us, but lino cutters make great pumpkin carving tools. This set by Essdee has five precision-ground high carbon steel blades, to make cutting seamless and easily controlled. The handles have expandable collars so that you can switch the blades easily. You could also use the set to make child-friendly potato stamps. Read our simple guide on how to make potato stamps.

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