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Boiled Linseed Oil that is bought in bulk or by the can at the local paint store is "chemically boiled" linseed. TruOil is a much better product for finishing fine wood, i.e.; gun stocks and fine furniture. Thus, the difference in the tone of the wood. Reactions: glockmeister, raindawg, JACKTW and 2 others. Save Share. Reply. Salmoneye. Приобрёл в известном инет-магазине Pure Tung Oil от Rustin's, разбавил немного 50/50 с очищенным уайт-спиритом, купленным в художественном и, в качестве эксперимента, пропитал поделку, из неизвестного, не плотного, дерева. Деревяшка пропиталась насквозь, подождал полчаса, стер остатки салфеткой и оставил сушиться при комнатной температуре. Через 2-е суток решил положить второй слой, но обнаружил что масло даже не подсохло! так-же как и кисть. Полез в инет, информации о подобных случаях не нашел и стал грешить на "очищенный" уайт-спирит. Потом решил пропитать не разбавленным. Хор. Tung and linseed oils are the two most common types and if you do not have enough experience with both, you cannot always know what to use. Each of the two oils is made up of different compounds and will be suitable for different finishes. Hence, they are ideal for different projects.  Pure tung oil is also a food-safe product which also makes it ideal for application on cutting boards, plates, and bowls. Most linseed oils are not food safe.  Compared to boiled linseed oil, tung oil has a slow drying time. Since you need to apply more coats of it to get a presentable finish you should be ready to wait for 2 to 3 days for the tung oil to cure completely. 2. Linseed Oil. Sep 22,  · Boiled linseed oil is not actually boiled; it’s raw linseed oil with metallic driers added. Pure tung oil is usually labeled % Tung Oil. Boiled linseed oil and % tung oil are the two widely available drying oils. Though called “drying oils” both dry adequately only when applied very www.- : Bob Flexner. Mar 25,  · Both linseed oil and tung oil– in their purest forms– are non-toxic, eco-friendly, and food-safe. They’re both plant-based oil finishes that penetrate and saturate the wood grain. Here are some key differences between linseed oil and tung oil: Linseed oil carries a slight yellow tint, whereas tung oil dries to a clear finish. Boiled linseed oil has driers added to make it dry much faster than raw linseed oil, which can take weeks or months to dry. The drying is adequate only when the excess is wiped off after each application. Tung oil doesn't contain driers. It takes two or three days to dry adequately in a warm room when all the excess is wiped off.

The FDA has actually approved linseed oil as a food additive. Being in the flooring business and having used the oils on floors and having Pure Tung Oil Finish Jones a fair amount of saturated to lightly saturated rags they will combust if piled up or bunched together in a trash can. A little bit more info into 'Finishes' I also like the smell of tung oil blo smells good too as it's not offensive like some poly finishes. However, for general purposes, you can usually get a liter of boiled linseed oil for less than the same amount of Tung Oil.

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