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Account Options Sign in. Top charts. New releases. Add to Wishlist. What you will get from the app: 15 Urdu Translations of Quran quran word by word urdu english. Syed Abul Ala Maududi 2.

Muhammad Taqi Usmani 3. Safi-ur-Rahman al-Mubarakpuri 4. Muhammed William Pickthall 5. Saheeh International 6. Muhammad Sarwar 7. Muhammad Habib Shakir 8. Abdul Majid Daryabadi 9. Mishary Rashid Alafasy 2.

Abdul Basit 3. Abdullah Basfar 4. Abdurrahmaan As-Sudais 5. Abu Bakr Ash-Shaatree 6. Ahmed ibn Ali al-Ajamy 7. Ghamadi 8. Hani Rifai 9. Husary Hudhaify Maher Al Muaiqly Minshawy Mujawwad Mohammad al Tablaway Muhammad Ayyoub Muhammad Jibreel and many more Quran Tafseer Audio 1.

Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan 2. Multiple Color Themes 5. Save Unlimited Bookmarks quran word by word urdu english. Save your own Quran notes 7. Last Read feature for all content 8. Share Multiple Ayat Dark and Night themes Many other customization options Please install the app and share it with your family and friends and also give us your valuable feedback on Play Store or via Email.

Jazak Allah Khair. Reviews Review policy and info. View details. Flag as inappropriate. More by UsmanPervez See more.

Sep 28,  · the holy quran in pdf, holy quran with urdu translation in pdf, word by word translation of holy quran in urdu, easy quran in urdu, glorious quran in urdu, para wise quran in urdu pdf Collection opensource; community Language English. - is a Quran reading website where you can see the word by word translation and transliteration in English, Urdu, Hindi, Indonesian, Bangla, Turkish, Russian, German and Ingush. You can also listen to how a word in pronounced and also listen to ayah recitations. - wouldn't be possible without these amazing people. Al Quran (Tafsir & by Word) Alhamdulillah. Al Quran (Tafsir & by Word) is a Quran study tool for all. It provides Verse by Verse Audio Playback with repeat functions, Tafsir Ibn Kathir, Color Coded Tajweed, Word by Word Analysis and Translations, Index of Quran, Note Taking & Custom Bookmarks with Sync, Powerful Search, Several Translations & Tafsirs in Various Languages, Multiple Themes and Fonts /5(K).

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