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Video - Here is Amazing Radio Controlled Jet Plane entry added to the Videos on www.-   Welcome to www.- Home of the best picdumps on the Net. Hundreds of pictures and videos are added daily by our community members. Like giant radio-controlled planes and/or gawking at them? Then click through this gallery (19 photos, and, below, a link to more pix and videos): Model Jet Engine Mini Jet Engine Pulse Jet Engine Jet Engine Parts Turbine Engine Gas Turbine Cool Experiments New Jet Rocket Engine.  Love RC Plane Videos? Check out this top 10 biggest or largest remote control aircraft planes that will amaze you. Biggest RC Plane in the world. Largest RC   Jet Plane Slot Cars Radio Control Airplanes Fighter Jets Aircraft Eagle Models Gallery. Gift your kids remote operated, radio control, and exotic jet radio controlled airplanes at www.- for a wonderful playtime. These fun jet radio controlled airplanes are for educational uses too. Specialized ducting to maximize efficient output and keep components cool, reinforced retracts, and optimal loading for high G Jet Powered Rc Planes Youtube Videos maneuvering and maximum performance. Back to Cotrolled Switches. And now, an enormous Concorde in classic British Airways livery. Back to Electronics Servos. Back to main menu Company Info. Back to main menu Power.

Back to Electronics Battery Chargers. Back to Electronics Gyros and Flight Controllers. Back to Electronics Landing Gear.

Back to Electronics Meters and Test Equipment. Back to Electronics Power Supplies. Back to Electronics Radios and Receivers. Back to Electronics Servos. Back to Electronics Smoke and Sound Systems. Back to Electronics Software.

Back to Electronics Switches. Back to main menu Power. Back to Power Batteries. Back to Power Electric Ducted Fan. Back to Power Electric Motors. Back to Power Electronic Speed Controls. Back to Power Gas Engines. Back to Power Power Systems. Back to Power Propellers. Back to main menu Workbench. Back to Workbench Adhesives and Tape. Back to Workbench Airbrush Equipment. Back to Workbench Cutting Jay Jay Jet Planes Lyrics and Drilling Tools. Back to Workbench Hand Tools.

Back to Workbench Hardware. Back to Workbench Magnification and Measurement. Back to Workbench Paints and Finishes. After some assembly, takeoff happens around the mark. To compensate, a radio controlled scale model was actually used in the making of the movie for key stunt sequences. This Douglas DC-3 puts on a great show, and at we see the landing gear retract after takeoff.

The pilot makes landing look easy despite the windy conditions. This model also features working stairs and aft cabin door. Next is a very impressive F Sabre, sporting tail number FU, which seems appropriate. Takeoff happens at the mark, followed by some great passes and a very smooth landing. And now, an extremely impressive Avro Vulcan complete with onboard cameras!

The first-person view during final approach at shows how susceptible these large RC aircraft are to crosswinds. Next we have a Kalinin K-7 with seven working motors six forward-facing, one rear-facing. Recently Added Videos. Here is a video of what is probably the best flyer in the Air Hogs Jet Set range of planes. E-Flight Beast 60e Specs — Wingspan: cm

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