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Jul 29,  · buildme: Add option for ARM64 builds via either native or cross compile. Mar 5, middleware. RaspiStill example code for YUV fast paths. Nov 28, opensrc/helpers/ libfdt. Update libfdt to v+ Jan 14, pkgconfig. Remove legacy pkgconfig to . I have aarch64/arm64 version of Debian on a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ () or Pi 4 (using an image from here). Now I want to run bit (armhf/armv7) versions of some applications/libraries but they don't seem to work. Particular raspistill from the Raspbery Pi userland apps. raspistill -t -tl -o image_num_%03d_www.- -l www.- Take a picture and send the image data to stdout: raspistill -t -o - Take a picture and send the image data to a file: raspistill -t -o - > my_www.- Run the camera forever, taking a picture when Enter is pressed: raspistill -t 0 -k -o my_pics%www.- Video.

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