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React Native Drawer Navigation is community based react native library. Main uses of Drawer navigation is it will open a navigation(when we open any app and if we touch the screen then a navigation menu will come up with some important contents). Initially the Drawer navigation will not be visible (it will appear when user touches the screen which means it will be hidden by default and on finger touch or swipe the edge of the screen then the navigation will be open), drawer Navigation library V Navigation Drawer Under Toolbar Update will be used from the npm package react-navigation library which we can import into our projects. Navigation sounds simple, but it never is. React Native has a short yet sordid history with navigation. Personally   You might be excited to add the drawer, but due to the construct of react-navigation, you should really take a moment to consider your workflow. Before rushing into this setup consider the following first: 1. Will my drawer be available all the time?  Navigation Drawer Under Toolbar Json Our logged in header will be purple! Navigating to these screens will obviously be beyond our login barrier! Purple header for screens of a logged in user. React Navigation Drawer. Drawer navigator for use on iOS and Android. Installation. Open a Terminal in the project root and run: yarn add react-navigation-drawer. If you are using Expo, you are done. Otherwise, continue to the next step.  import { createDrawerNavigator } from 'react-navigation-drawer'; export default createDrawerNavigator({ Inbox: InboxStack Drafts: DraftsStack, }, { initialRouteName: 'Inbox', contentOptions: { activeTintColor: '#e91e63'.

Drawer navigation Common pattern in navigation is to use drawer from left (sometimes right) side for navigating between screens. Before continuing, first install @react-navigation/drawer. As far as I know, React-navigation works with static headers. The actual view for the app in this case starts after the header and continues until a tab navigator if you have one. If you want that scroll header in just a screen or two, it will be better to do it yourself actually. It will be easier and will take less time. For Drawer Navigation, you Can add Your own Header & Footer and Make Your Own Styles with This creates a fixed header with scroll view for the menu items below it. props}> }); Here SideMenu is your V Navigation Drawer Under Toolbar Line own component to display in the drawer. You can use react-navigation www.- te(screen) to handle routing on onPress.

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