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RIKON Belt & Disc Sanders are ideal combination machines for tackling a variety of surfacing and shaping needs on projects.  1” belt and disc tables adjust for sanding angles and have slots for use with miter gauges. The # is for disc sanding only, where its generous 12” size has countless uses for finishing work. Sanders are wired for use with 3-wire V electrical receptacles. Default sorting Sort by popularity Sort by latest Sort by price: low to high Sort by price: high to low. Model 4″ x 36″ Belt/ 6″ Disc Sander. Read more. Model 4” x 36” Belt / 8” Disc Sander. Read more. Model 6″ x 48″ Belt/ 10″ Disc Sander. Read more. Model 6″ x 48″ Belt/ 10″ Disc Sander. Read more. Mode. Smooth edges, ends and outside contours with precision with the Rikon Disc Sander.  Thanks to its spacious tilting table with miter slot and miter gauge, the Rikon 12'' Disc Sander makes it easy to achieve smooth, precise results. It excels at shaping and smoothing outside contours, sanding ends of boards to a precise angle and even smoothing and/or adjusting compound miters. The miter slot also accepts a variety of shop-made jigs and fixtures, as well as the Rockler Disc Sander Angle Jig (#, sold separately) for sanding circles and ultra-precise miters. Features: Spacious cast aluminum table provides a solid reference surface and tilts from 0° to 45°. I. With a lightweight, durable ALUXX aluminum frame and a suspension fork to smooth out rough terrain, Rincon Disc is a great choice for new trail riders. It gives you a confident ride on gravel roads or paths, and it has   It gives you a confident ride on gravel roads or paths, and it has powerful disc brakes for added control. Key Performance Factors. Proven alloy performance. ALUXX aluminum frameset is hand-built by the world leader in aluminum engineering. Confidence and control. Powerful disc brakes give you added control on off-road terrain. Smooth ride. A mm suspension fork soaks up bumps and shocks while riding off-road.

Choosing the best combination belt and disc sander can be difficult if you are not sure about what you need it for or not familiar with the features you need to look out for.

Belt and disc sanders are versatile and worth investing in if you find the right one. We put this review together to help you figure out which sander best serves your needs. Moreover, we rikon disc sander valley some Belt And Disc Sander Dewalt 10 of the best belt and disc sanders on the market today.

Whether you are a busy contractor or a humble basement DIYer toiling away on home renovation projects, you will find combination belt and disc sanders highly useful. From prepping surfaces to removing rust and paint and doing final finishing work, these workhorses have got you covered.

Once rikon disc sander valley find the right combo sander, there is simply no looking back. You will wonder why rikon disc sander valley took you that long fumbling for several different sanders and other tools when one equipment can do it all.

Sure, it is a little bit on the pricey end, but there is a good reason for that. It runs on an efficient, high-performance induction motor that can take on hours of detail sanding and repair jobs with absolute ease.

The is designed to be very compact, so setup and storage should not be an issue. It is also solidly built, having a cast iron base with rubber rikon disc sander valley and a metal body that protects its inner parts from the elements, damage, and daily workshop abuse. The RK is easily one of the best horizontal sanders you will find today. It is very sturdily constructed and comes with a very flexible belt that can be used at odd angles and narrow spaces. Its motor works relatively quietly too, which is partly why many woodworkers have come to admire this machine.

This belt rikon disc sander valley disc sander from Rockwell is so well-built and well-engineered, it will surely last a long time even with heavy usage. Although this combo sander will do fine if you decide to try it on heavy-duty operations, it produces the best results on furniture and similar projects. The design takes advantage of aerodynamics well and uses it to enhance its performance and finishes.

The good thing about it is that the BD offers all of these benefits for such an affordable price. A combination belt and disc sander accomplishes a rikon disc sander valley range of tasks--from preparing wood surfaces for varnishing to removing rust or hardened glue and smoothing out patches. If you are the type of worker who deals with such operations heavily on a daily basis, a combo belt and disc rikon disc sander valley is definitely recommended for you.

To be more specific, the belt sander is ideal for jobs that require the removal of a lot of material quickly. It is the sander you need to use when stripping paint or finishes or getting rid of rust.

On the other hand, the disc sander, which rikon disc sander valley a smoother finish compared with the belt sander, is ideal as a final finishing tool. Combo belt and disc sanders quickly grew in popularity after the first few models came out a while ago. This is a good thing because it gives you a lot of options.

The downside is that being faced with a long list of rikon disc sander valley can be confusing and sometimes makes decision-making even harder. To help you decide on which model to get, here are some of the things you need to look for when shopping for combo sanders.

In that case, remember that it is always better to use an equipment with too much power than one with too little.

When working on carpentry, repair, or home renovation projects, the last thing you want is a broken down sander and rikon disc sander valley half-finished workpiece. Combo sanders are already versatile by nature.

However, manufacturers have found ways to make these machines even more useful for an even wider range of tasks. Look out for tilt angles, add-ons, number of work tables, speed control, and so on.

The more adjustable a Rikon Belt Disc Sander Uk combo rikon disc sander valley is also, the larger the disc and the thinner the beltthe more tasks it can do.

Dust is your worst enemy when sanding. Aside from being a pain to clean up, they affect visibility. Most sanders today come with many convenient features that improve ease of use and maintenance.

For example, tool-free belt change mechanisms have become quite common. So are dual dust ports and similar features. It has a heavy cast iron base, a 4 in x 36 in belt, and a 6 in disc. It has a conveniently designed and located tension release lever that allows you to change the sandpaper without having to use tools. Rikon disc sander valley of this feature, you can also use different grits and grades.

The workbench has a swiveling miter gauge with a range reaching 45 degrees. The dust collection port is rikon disc sander valley roomy, measuring 2.

The whole unit weighs about 40 pounds, which is what you really need in a sander like this. The belt can be tilted up to 90 degrees, which will help a lot if you need to do some flush sanding. The cast iron base is heavy, durable, sturdy, and not to mention, stable. Aside from keeping the sander steady during heavy sanding operations, this base helps reduce vibration, which can negatively affect the sanding quality and make you even more exhausted than you already are.

Rikon disc sander valley lever allows you to change sandpapers for the belt and the disc. In some old models, changing sandpapers require actual work and a few minutes of downtime. This tension release lever resolves that and makes sandpaper changes the easiest they have ever been. The blade guard helps direct sawdust into the collection spout and acts as a stopper for your wood. More importantly, though, this extra long blade guard keeps hair, fingers, sleeves, and other items from getting caught in the belt.

The belt can be used horizontally, vertically, and every other angle in between. This is good news if you have some flush sanding work lined up. This combo sander from Grizzly is optimized for light-duty sanding jobs. It is light, weighing just a little over 20 pounds. Both the belt and the disc sanding tables can be tilted up to 45 degrees, which should take care of difficult corners but not flush sanding.

Moreover, it is designed to minimize vibration. If you fear that its lightness may make it unstable for long hours of sanding, you can use the holes punched rikon disc sander valley the base to secure it. Although the H is not an all-metal sander, its plastic parts are made of quality reinforced plastic that can withstand heavy usage and wear and tear. With proper maintenance, this combination belt and disc sander should last you a long time. The disc measures 5 inches and the belt measures rikon disc sander valley inch x 30 inches.

The no-load speed of the motor is 3, rpm, which works quite efficiently. It has a belt tracking system, two dust ports, and a removable back plate and roller guard. The knobs on the BD are adjustable and removable, allowing for easy maintenance care, cleaning, and repair if needed. There rikon disc sander valley a tracking mechanism installed in the BD, which you can use to make sure that the belt runs properly and does not shift out of place when sanding. The BD has a fairly powerful motor that can endure long hours of sanding regularly without showing the slightest sign of wear and tear.

It is also one rikon disc sander valley the quieter motors we have seen so far. Ted's Woodworking Plans contains complete instructions from start to finish, leaving absolutely no guesswork. Here is what you get:. The is compact and can be placed along with your other benchtop tools to help you achieve the setup you need. Its body houses an incredibly quiet induction motor and comes installed with dual dust ports.

However, what must be the best thing about the is the heavy cast iron base that keeps it right in place no matter how jagged your sanding is going. Other features include tool-free knobs for table tilting and belt tracking. The cast iron base does a superb job of keeping this combination sander steady even when sanding for hours on end.

Also, rikon disc sander valley helps the sander pull off heavier-duty work despite the fact that this model is optimized for lighter sanding jobs. The is made of high-grade materials that protect its interior parts well and hold up nicely against the wear and tear that comes with daily sanding operations. Its motor, for example, is a brushless one that sits in a metal case, which means it is indeed designed to last a long time.

Both tables are perfectly adjustable using easily accessible knobs. This feature allows you to use this combo sander for angled sanding and for sanding in narrow spaces. The belt itself comes with a practically designed tracking mechanism that keeps it in place and helps improve sanding precision.

The induction motor running the is amazing in that it manages to be extremely powerful while remaining fairly quiet. At the end of the day, of course, it is still a sander that will require the use of headphones for noise protection. However, this combo sander from Rikon is noticeably quieter than most other sanders available today. It also comes with a miter gauge, which greatly improves efficiency and sanding quality.

This kind of feature greatly reduces downtime and not to mention, frustration. Aluminum is known for being strong and durable despite being lightweight. Combined with the adjustable tables, the RK gives you full flexibility in sanding. Most of the positive reviews talk about how much value this 2-in-2 sander gives for the money.

It is full of features--big and small--that all contribute to superior performance and extreme durability. There were a few negative comments, though. However, we were unable to notice any recurring pattern. There were complaints about defective parts or about the sander not working despite being new, but they seemed to be more like isolated cases. Overall, the sounds like the perfect combination belt and disc sander for rikon disc sander valley busy DIYer or hobbyist who has a lot of sanding to do.

It runs on a 4. The belt and the disc are standard, measuring 4 in x 36 in and 6 in, respectively. It is easy to assemble, maintain, and use. The work table rikon disc sander valley such that you can switch from the disc to the belt and vice versa.

• Disc Speed 3, RPM • Cast Aluminum Table • Includes: Work Support Table, Miter Gauge, Grit Disc and Grit Belt. 4” x 36” Belt / 6” Disc Sander # is the preferred style of machine where the majority of sanding would be done on the wide abrasive belt. The RIKON Benchtop Disc Rikon Belt Disc Sander Tool Sander rests on a sturdy cast iron base that helps stabilize the unit during operation. Rubber feet minimize vibration and keep the sander from moving during use. You can clamp the disc sander to your workbench in a temporary position or use the mounting holes to secure it /5(11). Model - RIKON's 6" x 48" belt, 10" disc sander operates both vertically, horizontally and any angle in between. Unlike most of the other sanders on the market, the 10" disc is positioned so it does not protrude above the belt. This allows you to sand larger stock without interference.

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