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· Can’t figure out how to use carpentry bench, don’t know the recipes for the furniture. This is a subreddit for the RLCraft modpack for Minecraft. You can discuss and share content here. We are a community that enjoys helping each other, so feel free to ask questions as well. Carpentry Bench | Schlumpfland Wiki | Fandom. Перевести эту страницу.  Die Carpentry Bench ist ein neuer Crafting Table mit einer 4x4 Matrix. Er wird für viele neue Gegenstände des CustomNPC Mods benötigt, die wir in's Spiel einbauen werden. Der Carpentry Bench wird, ebenso wie die grundlegenden Items (NPC Wand, NPC Cloner, NPC Pather) des Mods CustomNPC, im alten Crafting Table erzeugt. 1 Rezept 2 Sonstige Bilder 3 Liste von Rezepten, die Видео carpentry bench rlcraft. If you place a Carpentry Bench, it has its own recipes display, it just doesn't work with NEI. I Wonder if it would be possible to have NEI Link to them, Idk how you do your stuff though. Although there is a ingame way of making recipes for items with the carpentry bench, might have to be an inside job via mod author: Noppes. The text was updated successfully, but these errors were encountered: Razorskills changed the title Request for CustomNPC's Support Request for CustomNPC's Carpentry Bench Support Mar 27, Tonius added the enhancement label Mar 27, Copy link. RLCraft будет интересен игрокам, которые любят разнообразные игровые жанры в сочетании со стабильной работой сборки.  Сборка RLCraft (Real Life) сначала делалась для игры с друзьями, но потом автор выложил её в свободный доступ. В ней переплелись многие популярные жанры. Выживание, RPG, приключения - это малая часть, присутствующая в этой сборке. Ic Enhanced Researcher's Wand. Ic Rare Swift Short Wand. Enhanced Hard Wooden Bow. I then used the plane to knock off any high spots and dried glue that squeezed out during the glue up. Overseer's Long Bow. Ic Missionary Wand. Feyenloth's Growth.

A Aok Prayer. J Jass' Crossbow. U Ultimate Wooden Chest. Categories : Carpentry Recipes Pages with broken file links. Navigation menu Namespaces Category Discussion. Views View Edit Edit source History. This page was last edited on 1 December , at Game content and materials are trademarks and copyrights of their respective publisher and its licensors.

All rights reserved. This site is a part of Fandom, Inc. Support Contact PRO. Fine Wooden Bow. Improved Fine Wooden Bow. Staff of Gelant. Sacred Staff of Gelant. Thunderbolt of Solice Bow. Enhanced Mirrorflower. Resplendent Flower. Long Staff. Enhanced Long Staff. Ic Wooden Short Staff. Simple Crossbow.

Enhanced Simple Crossbow. Hard Wooden Bow. Enhanced Hard Wooden Bow. Durable Wood Bow. Practice Staff. Enhanced Practice Staff.

Small Magician's Staff. Short Wand of Magic. Enhanced Short Wand of Magic. Short Wand of Wizardry. Stone Crossbow. Enhanced Stone Crossbow. Jass' Crossbow.

Ic Wizard Soul Totem. Ic Enhanced Wizard Soul Totem. Ic Wizard's Totem. Trophy of Taylin Fishbone. Basic Wood Crafts Box.

Hardened Shortbow. Enhanced Hardened Shortbow. Featherlight Hardened Shortbow. Staff of Moon. Ic Enhanced Moon Staff. Ic Full Moon Staff. Magic Willow Wand. Enhanced Magic Willow Wand. Dryad's Rod. Repeating Crossbow. Enhanced Repeating Crossbow. Headhunter Crossbow. Shaman's Notes. Enhanced Shaman's Notes.

Shaman Records. Sadis' Rod. Enhanced Sadis' Wand. Tarsdi's Wand. Overseer's Long Bow. Enhanced Battle Bow. Larna Mountain War Bow. Sharp-tailed Crossbow. Enhanced Sharp-tailed Crossbow. Triple-tipped Crossbow. Witch Hair. Enhanced Witch Hair. Energy-controlling Device Superior Staff.

Enhanced Superior Staff. Ic Agile Staff. Superior Wand. Ic Enhanced Superior Wand. Ic Agate Wand. Ic Long Staff Definition Of Bench Vise Woodworking Model of Witchery.

Ic Enhanced Long Staff of Witchery. Ic Witchblade Staff. Staff of Witchery. Enhanced Staff of Witchery. Witchbite Staff. Magic Wood Crafts Box. Green Dwarf's Horn Bow. Enhanced Green Dwarf's Horn Bow. Horn Bow of the Earth Spirit King. Feather Staff. Enhanced Feather Staff. Ic Divining Staff. Ic Enhanced Divining Staff. Ic Mystic's Cane. Divining Wand. Enhanced Divining Wand.

Mystic's Wand. Ic Butterfly Crossbow. Ic Enhanced Butterfly Crossbow. Ic Orange Butterfly Crossbow. Ic Poison Snake Cane. Ic Enhanced Poison Snake-shaped Rattan. Ic Deadly Poison Snake Cane. Ic Holy Staff. Ic Enhanced Holy Staff. Ic Anlin's Staff. Ic Hard Feather Bow.

Ic Enhanced Hard Feather Bow. Ic Astonishing Bow. Ic Steel-tooth Crossbow. Ic Enhanced Steel-tooth Crossbow. Ic Azure Crossbow. Ic Magic Bone Staff. Ic Enhanced Magic Bone Staff. Ic Mawais Bone Staff. Ic Magic Bone Wand. Ic Enhanced Magic Bone Wand. Ic Mawais' Bone Wand. Rod of the Depraved. Griffin's Wing. Enhanced Griffin's Wing. Ic Exquisite Sample Bow. Bow of Accuracy. Ic Enhanced Bow of Accuracy.

Ic Bow of the Falcon's Eye. Staff of Time. Ic Enhanced Staff of Time. Ic Staff of Permanence Staff of Time. Ic Mythic Bird Wand.

Ic Enhanced Mythic Bird Wand. Ic Saint Wodar's Wand. Wing Crossbow. Ic Enhanced Wing Crossbow. Ic Demonic Crossbow. Ic Shaman's Puppet.

Ic Enhanced Shaman's Puppet. Ic Voodoo Doll. Staff of Miracles. Enhanced Staff of Miracles. Night Demon Bow. Ic Silvermoon Bow. Feyenloth's Growth. Dragon Horn Crossbow. Ic Enhanced Dragon Horn Crossbow. Ic Spirit Crossbow. Ic Short Staff of Spirit. Ic Short Enhanced Staff of Spirit. Ic Holy Light Staff. Short Wand of Spirit. Ic Short Enhanced Wand of Spirit. Holy Light Wand. Ic Birdspirit Long Staff. Ic Enhanced Birdspirit Long Staff.

Ic Merlin's Long Staff. Ic Birdspirit Staff. Ic Enhanced Birdspirit Staff. Poems of Death. Enhanced Poems of Death. Mahdi's Book. Ic Powerful Epic Bow. Ic Spiritwood Bow. Ic Enhanced Spiritwood Bow. Ic Rotwood Spirit Bow. Staff of Life. Ic Enhanced Staff of Life. Ic Staff of Blue Brake. Ic Enhanced Staff of Blue Brake. Ic Say's Staff. Wand of Blue Brake. Ic Enhanced Wand of Blue Brake. Ic Night Shadow Crossbow.

Ic Black Moon Crossbow. Ic Demonic Gathering Vessel. Ic Enhanced Demonic Gathering Vessel. Ic Jayangpasi. Ic Giri's Staff of Concentration. Simple Erudite Adept's Wooden Chest. Functional Erudite Adept's Wooden Chest. You can't craft the stuff from it. Even if you somehow manage, most of it doesn't work. I got tables and lanterns from it. That sucks because I was looking forward to using the guns in the game.

I just thought the tommygun and chainsaw gun were mob drops but I guess not : thank you all for the help! Yea I spawned both of those in with the console because I was super excited to try them, but the tommy gun just sits in your hand and does nothing. The chainsaw gun just swings like a sword but does 0 damage.

Can I use arrows or is has to be bolts? It has to be bolts. Make the bolts from the Switch Bows mod the mod name should be at the bottom of the tooltip when you hover over an item.

Its also beneficial to craft a crossbow quiver, which can hold several hundred bolts. You also cant use a crossbow with a shield, I had that issue. Thanks for the help, honestly probably might just come back here to ask you questions if I get confused lol.

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