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Always check www.- to confirm that you are using the most recent manual version for your product. Convertible Benchtop Router Table Baseplate for the Triton Portable Spindle Sander Instructions Effective May 2 plate to your Triton TSPSP Portable Oscillating Spindle Sander and remove the plate. Rockler Woodworking and Hardware. TRA Router Bit. 1/2 Inch. TRA Spanner, 22mm. TRA O Ring Body Seal. TRA Base Plate Rockler Router Plate Review Mode Screws 1/"UNC X " Chip Shield Base. TRA Guide Bush Plate. TRA Base Plate Screws 1/"UNC X 1" Chip Shield Fence. TRA Micro Height Universal. TRA Micro Height Position Indicator. TRA

Kreg Tool Precision Router Table Insert Plate w/Level-Loc Rings (predrilled Triton), Black & Red (PRS) This item Rockler Phenolic Router Plate D. Rockler Phenolic Router Plate B. Bosch Parts Adapter Plate. Bosch RA Genuine Original Adapter Plate and Insert Set Combo # COMBO Reviews: 3. Jul 31,  · I should have said the router base is also tapped for 's as well as the 4mm. The 4mm is for the base that comes on the router and the 3 Rockler Router Plate Instructions Pdf that are fits the Rockler router plate. The are marked on the thumbnail as hole "D" Cecil. Using the triton base plate for under table router mounting. Using the triton base plate for under table router mounting.

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