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Rockler router table box joint jig 25 model can be installed on any cutter thanks to the routeg design. Bpx one time only!!! Once you finished cutting pins in a workpiece, you can use the workpiece for shaping the tails on the other to make the joints that match perfectly. No Problem! This dovetail joint jig allows cutting straight and through joints right on a router table or with a table saw. The model is lightweight and compact, hence is easy to mount and store. Kreg Tool.

It allows for the setting of the cut depth and width in a simple and clear way. Generally, it's a pretty simple to use yet functional dovetail jig that allows processing small workpieces as well as large ones on a router table. Self-aligning design, Adjustable for loose or tight joints, New table router control knobs improve safety, comfort and accuracy, No need to bolt jig to workbench, Integrated clamps, Accommodates boards of any width, One-piece aluminum construction.

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Except as expressly set forth in our Terms of Use, all representations and warranties regarding the information presented on this page are disclaimed. The information which appears on this site is subject to change at any time. More info. Two lock cams on the front and top of this model allow installing two wood pieces orthogonally. So, you can cut notches in one piece and tails in the other in one pass and save the time, getting a perfect joint faster.

Owing to its 12" length, the jig can accommodate two to four workpieces to accelerate the work. The supply package includes 3 templates, 2 lock nuts, wrench, and instruction manual.

The outfit of this dovetail tool includes three aluminum templates for cutting joints straight out of the box. The template is designed for making half-blind, rabbeted half-blind and sliding dovetails.

The template allows making box joints and through dovetails. Lastly, the template is designed for cutting the joints of the mentioned types but smaller in size. Having this arsenal of templates, you'll be able to make reliable joints for assembling drawers, window and door frames. The jig can be also used for joining parquetry and making furniture of a custom design.

For example, with these templates, you can cut finger joints for chair legs to attach them to a seat. Among the convenience features this dovetail jig has to offer, the simple and quick locking pieces were the most appealing. The point is that the jig is fitted with two locking bars with a lever on each. Thus, you can hold a workpiece with one hand and tighten a bar with another. It would seem there's nothing special about the design but in practice, it is incredibly convenient and greatly facilitates the tool use.

Moreover, we used two height-adjustable locking bolts, which serve as templates for fast setting the cutting depth. For example, setting one of the bolts for cutting half-blind joints and the other for through joints, you can adjust the cutter overhang without using a ruler every time.

The bars feature only two rubber pads hence the jig can hold only two workpieces at a time and we deem it a shortcoming. If you have a workroom, it's very advisable to keep it clean. This jig is equipped with a port to connect a vacuum cleaner for removing dust and chips from your workplace. User Manual Manufacturer. The Leigh has been making jigs and router accessories for 35 years and dovetail jigs are among its major line of products.

For our review, we chose the Leigh Super 12" dovetail joint jig. The 18" and 24" versions are also available for more mass production-oriented projects. Starting from the jig's base, it consists of two profiles made of aircraft-grade aluminum. The cam action clamps are located on the top front area of the base with the two brackets for templates placed near the clamps.

As a useful addition, the jig features the scale on the left side that allows positioning the template with a very high precision. The jig itself attaches to the worktop with four screws. Hence, choosing this tool you can be sure you get yourself covered in terms of accessories.

Also, the supply package contains nylon stop rod stops, the pull-out reference card, and the template with adjustable fingers, which we will describe further on. The availability of the template with adjustable one-piece fingers is the main benefit of using this dovetail tool.

The whole point is that each finger can be easily set to any position across the template for cutting joints according to various patterns including many unique ones. Even more to that, with the jig, you are capable of moving the finger assembly back and forth along the scale on the left.

Therefore, by moving the fingers you can change the shape of pins and tails cut, making the joints narrower or wider. To be more specific, here are some numbers. In addition to the above-mentioned joints, the Leigh Super enables you to make sliding dovetails and half-blind dovetail joints. However, you need to keep in mind that the fingers adjustment may be pretty laborious as long workpieces require positioning of several fingers.

The very handy feature of the jig is its ability to process workpieces with up to 12" width. This means that in most cases you won't have to cut a workpiece to fit the tool but instead adjust the jig to the piece for an even joints distribution.

The design of the Leight Super allows placing workpieces across the clamps, whether it's a single inch wide piece or three 4-inch ones. To facilitate the tool operation more, it has a non-slip clamping surface for a secure workpiece grip. Another plus of the tool is that it makes cutting half-blind dovetails in a single pass. Such joints are the most widely used ones in making drawers, which are typical for dressers, for example, as they provide no visible connections on the front.

In our opinion, this Leigh dovetail jig is aimed more at experienced joiners that seek a high cutting accuracy and enhanced tool adjustability. Nevertheless, the detailed guide on the DVD included ensures an easy start even for beginning carpenters. If you wish to avoid marring your work table, you can screw the jig to a board and fasten it to the table with a vise.

In practice, the model is the extension designed for router tables and table saws. The jigs of another type stay fixed while the router is moved along their edges, this jig on the contrary mounts on a workpiece and moves along the pattern while the router remains still. Moving further to the design, we would like to highlight the aluminum bar that holds the guide underneath. This guide provides a smooth movement of the jig in the miter slot.

This woodworking equipment provides workpiece fastening with a wooden vice. Apart from the guide, the jig package includes front and rear blade guards, the MDF fence to support a workpiece, and plastic shield. Considering the design of this dovetail tool, we were not surprised that it allows making only finger joints that are common for cabinets.

The jig operation is quite easy, so using it is not a problem even for a beginner. Still, taking the initial measurements and setting the miter bar correctly is the most complex task when using the tool.

The bar features two ledges that can be adjusted by moving closer or away Box Joint Jig Router Free Plans 30 from each other depending on the cut width. With that, the distance from the closest ledge to the blade is to be the same. The ledges are adjusted with red and silver knobs located on the side of the jig base. As for the usability of this dovetail jig, it is impossible not to note its quick and easy installation. To use the tool you won't have to drill holes in the table or pick a vise.

It is enough to place the miter bar into the slot. The greatest thing about this jig is that it can be installed on a router table or a table saw. Thus, if you have the latter, you'll be able to cut workpieces and make joints right on the spot. Convenient, isn't it? The jig also features the sturdy acrylic deflector shield mounted on the front blade guard Router Table Finger Joint Jig Plans Using to keep your eyes safe from wood chips and particles. However, as any equipment, the jig has some downsides.

In our opinion, the dovetailing is a bit uncomfortable as a workpiece requires loosening and securing again after each pass. Nevertheless, this drawback is trivial considering that the INCRA model is designed for beginners and persons practicing an occasional cutting template use. Hence, this dovetail joint jig is a splendid choice for small workshops Router Table Finger Joint Jig Plans Error featuring router tables or table saws. Picking this jig, you won't have troubles with installing it as the model is bidirectional and can be mounted on either left or right saws.

See how you can get free standard shipping. Add to Cart. Add to Wish List. Store Pick Up Choose your store Choose a store Choose Another Store. Product Description Box joints are strong and attractive, and with the help of our Router Table Box Joint Jig, they're also straightforward to make. Up-cut spiral bits deliver the cleanest cuts and help prevent blowout.

Woodworking for Mere Mortals. Woodsmith Magazine. Woodworker's Journal Magazine. JET Woodworking. Grafting clean tight fitting finger joints for decorative boxes is easier than ever with rocker's router Table box joint jig the jig mount securely on Finger Joint Jig Router Table 80 router tables with a standard miter slot.

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