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Apr 28,  · Now you can have the smooth, soft-closing action of BLUMotion in a compact, space-saving hinge - ideal for face-frame cabinets or Soft Close Side Mount Slides Java any cabinet where clearance is an issue. With Compact BLUMotion, the damping mechanism fits entirely within the hinge cup, allowing use of a smaller mounting plate. Each hinge has a switch for turning the soft-close feature off Douper Soft Close Lid Support Hinges List for use with small doors, and each retains the 3-way adjustability of other Blum hinges/5(). May 20,  · Blum® Soft-Close ° BLUMotion Clip Top Inset Hinges, Pair | Rockler Woodworking and Hardware Blum® Soft-Close ° BLUMotion Clip Top Inset Hinges for Frameless Cabinets These hinges ease the door closed slowly and gently, eliminating noise and prolonging the life of both hinge /5(54). Mar 30,  · With the lid up and out of your way, you'll enjoy an unobstructed view and easy access to the contents of the chest. The lid stay attaches to the hinge arm for a clean look, and the soft-close damper is adjustable with a simple 5-way selector switch. If you have a chest, trunk or lidded bench, this system will help keep fingers out of harm's way/5(2).

First, grab a slab. You can obtain slabs in several ways; here’s a list, beginning with your most affordable options: •Saw ’em yourself. For details on this rewarding but labor-intensive option, see “Tips for sawing your own natural-edge slabs” listed above. •Have a local mill saw ’em for you. A lot of sawyers won’t mind a custom-cutting job. Hinges For All Your Project Needs. Find a Large Selection of Cabinet Hinges, Door Hinges, Best Soft Close Cabinet Door Hinges Design Piano Hinges, Pivot Hinges & More at www.- g: java. Thank you Marc for a great website, It’s very informative. I myself am in the constuction trade learning what is to know and I use your site as a tool to increase my Knowledge in fine wood www.- you probably know working for contracters they are allways looking for the quickest and not so .

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