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Sep 18,  · This tambour router bit set allows you to custom-make wooden tambour doors of almost any size. The finished tambour will look great from both sides and have an interlocking design to Window Frame Router Bit Set Number keep slats in line and inhibit warping. Works for double or single curve applications. Requires 1/16" coated cable for connecting. Instructions included/5(8). Jan 10,  · Product Description. Create signs and table tops with decorative edging in almost half the time with this unique 5-Piece CNC Router Bit Set from Rockler. The set includes three innovative dual-purpose bits, which simultaneously cut your parts to size and apply one of three edge profiles: 1/2-inch cove, 45° chamfer or 1/2-inch roundover.4/5(1). Rip 1/2"-thick stock into ⁄16"-wide strips. Each strip will yield two tambour slats. Four passes across the shaping bit transform the strip into two ungrooved slats linked at their beads. Rough out each groove with a pass over the table saw blade, then complete its shape with a pass over the ball-head groover, the second of the set’s bits.

Feed the prepared stocks for the first router bit routing the full depth of cut with one pass We recommend feather boards to hold the stocks securely as you cut. This bit set comes with complete and easy to follow instructions the only deviations from the instructions we made was to machine long strips of walnuts and then cut them to link later. This unique 3-piece router bit set shapes tambours that interlock with a ball-and-socket joint. Unlike ordinary tambours, there is no need for cloth, glue, or wires. The set is also easy to set up and use. The first bit shapes the face of the stock; cutting from each face completes the contour of the ball. Yes, Router Bit Sets can be returned and have a Day return period. What is the top-selling product within Router Bit Sets? The top-selling product within Router Bit Sets is the RYOBI Shank Carbide Router Bit Set (Piece). Which products in Router Bit Sets are exclusive Glass Door Router Bit Set 900 to The Home Depot? The RYOBI Shank Carbide Router Bit Set (Piece.

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