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Tools-router 1/4" router bit 3/4" router bit straight edge pencil drill or drill press 1/4" drill bit chamfer bit saw (prefferably a tablesaw or bandsaw, but any will work)Materials-Scrap of MDF or cabinet grade plywood 1/4"x20 tpi threaded rod 3" long (or a 1/4"x20 tpi bolt with the head cut off) 1/4" x20 tpi T nut (or pre-made t-handle) 1/4"x20 tpi standard nut 3/4" OD washer I don't have a. Jun 19,  · If you use a fixed base router you’ll spend extra time drilling a hole, setting the router down into it, and removing it to adjust the depth after every pass. Perfectly doable, just inconvenient. Making the Jig. I used a scrap piece of 3/4” plywood that happened to be the perfect size to cut Round Over Router Cutter Windows 10 this jig . Mar 08,  · Had some difficulty making the juice groove on a round cutting board, until Round Table Router Jig 01 I came up with fixture shown in photo, which uses a router, and two ball bearings to guide the cutting board. Arrow on fixture shows direction to rotate the cutting board so that spinning router bit does not push it away from the ball bearings.

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