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Oct 01,  · Box joints with a router. Two common ways let you make box joints with a router. One is on a router table with a straight bit and a miter gauge fixture that resembles the table saw jig; the other (faster and easier) way relies on a router dovetail jig with a box-joint template. Box-joint templates come packaged with some jigs. Jan 19,  · Rockler’s Box Joint Jig has a 1/2″-thick MDF Making A Router Box Joint Jig Uk base that’s positioned over the router bit on a router table, then locked in place using two 3/8″ x 3/4″ metal miter slot bars and star knobs. Make sure the miter slot on your router table is within /2″ to /8″ from the center of the router bit; more or less span will exceed the base’s range of adjustability. BOX JOINT JIG FOR Rockler Router Table Box Joint Jig 25 ROUTER TABLE: All right, folks, I'm gonna get JIGGY with it. No, I'm not going to dance and leap around until the end if this turns out successfully. A JIG is "a device that holds a piece of work and guides the tools operating on it."This is going to .

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