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Is there a way to set the time zone on routers/switches? We're in the Eastern time zone, but some of my switches show UTC (Greenwich Mean Time/Zulu time). I'd like all of them to show the local time, just to make it easier to read.  F.e Router(config)# clock timezone CST HTH, Toshi. Set-TimeZone -Name "Russia TZ 2 Standard Time". As we saw in the previous example, the Id and the Name of the Time Zone do not always match. The Name parameter must match the StandardName or DaylightName properties of the TimeZoneInfo object.  Specifies the ID of the time zone that this cmdlet sets. A full list of Time Zone IDs can be obtained by running the following command: Get-TimeZone -ListAvailable. I also tried setting USE_TZ = False to see if that was the problem (because of a suggestion at Stack Overflow) but this didn't have any effect that I noticed. EDIT/UPDATE Lord have mercy: simple goal, but complicated solution (if I were to just restrict myself to Django: a couple of posters said if I juse some javascript it would be pretty easy). The problem, as /u/pemboa said  You can use the django-easy-timezones package to do it, which people seem to like: www.-   there could be a template 'uselocalmachinetime' or whatever and it pulls the system datetime. not sure why this is so complicated? E.g., PyQt just expresses as local time by default, and you Router Template Set Uk then use toUTC() to convert over. Router template set timezone Comments. Here are some of the benefits of setting the correct time on a router:. Did you allow an NTP server on the gateway router's access list? If you're unsure how many hours you are from GMT, the U. After setting the appropriate time zone, you need to configure the router to adjust for Daylight Saving Time. These commands tell the router to use the internal calendar for NTP fouter. Router template set timezone recurring option tells the router to use the accepted U.

Keep in mind that most Cisco routers and switches don't have internal clocks that store the time when you power them off. That means rebooting a device will lose the set local time.

However, the time zone will remain set because the router stores it in its configuration. For more information on Cisco IOS time configuration, check out Cisco's documentation for the various clock commands. How do you set the time on routers or switches? Do you set it manually or use NTP? What other router and switch topics would you like to see covered? Share your comments in Drawer Lock Router Bit Setup Example this article's discussion. Want to learn more about router and switch management?

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Stack Overflow developers: We didn't always follow coding best practices, and you don't have to either. Microsoft's new Power Fx is an open-source language based on Excel. Comment and share: Properly set a Cisco router's clock and time zone. Show Comments. To use the router as an NTP server, add the following commands to the configuration.

These commands tell the router to use the internal calendar for NTP time:. Never use the ntp master command on a router that is participating in NTP over the Internet.

It will declare the router as a stratum 1 NTP server. Not only will the router no longer change its own time based on NTP information it learns, but it might disturb other NTP hosts on the Internet. Previous page. Table of content. Next page. Table of contents: Setting the Router s Time. IPv4 Subnetting A. IPv6 Index show all menu. Authors: James Boney. Network Warrior. Ruby Cookbook Cookbooks OReilly.

Subscribe TP-Link takes your privacy seriously. By completing this form you confirm that you understand and agree to our Privacy Policy. Configuration Guide Updated AM This Article Applies to:. To get time from the internet: 1. In the Set Time field, select Get automatically from the Internet. Select your local Time Zone from the drop-down list.

Click Obtain to get the current Internet time and click Save. In the Set Time field, select Manually. Click Save. Select Enable Daylight Saving Time.

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