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This tool is perfect for the woodworkiny who was impressed with our top pick Bosch, but who might be looking at sanders with a little more power and longevity to them. The strength sanders for fine woodworking this sander doesn't mean it will be too cumbersome woodwotking the average home sander to use, though. User friendly features like an ergonomic design, and a high-performance dust collection system sanders for fine woodworking the sander easy to use comfortably and safely. This HookTight system helps to eliminate loose pad connections that can lead to swirls when the product is braking. This is a no-nonsense budget machine that does everything you would hope a fixed speed random orbital would do. Random-orbit sanders have hook-and-loop abrasive discs that are easier to switch out than the sandpaper sheets clamped on orbital sanders. The vibration control allowed by Sandets exclusive suspension system makes for an extremely smooth operating experience, better handling, and a decrease in user fatigue.

The key is to choose a machine that has the features you need for your preferred woodworking application. Random-orbit sanders have hook-and-loop abrasive discs that are easier to switch out than the sandpaper sheets clamped on orbital sanders.

The velcro-like attachment system lets you go up or down a grit level without having to waste a disc. Abrasive discs come in a wide range of sizes to accommodate different woodworking functions. Instead of buying a single-speed model, go for a random-orbit sander that has a variable-speed switch, so you can control how much cutting force is used. This way, you can remove material quickly when necessary e. With most sanders, you can change speed and cutting aggression on the handle, ensuring maximum control during use.

Dust is the bane of any woodworking shop. Not only does it get in your eyes and airways but Best Cnc Routers For Woodworking Limited it can also coat your workpiece and leave unsightly burn marks during sanding. While a dust canister or bag will help you contain fugitive dust, a random-orbit sander with a vacuum hose connector will do a more efficient job.

Sanding can be intense, so you want to buy a sander that you can hold comfortably for extended periods of time. Although most random-orbital sanders have a top grip, if you do a lot of sanding, you may want a machine with an additional side grip for two-handed control. Random-orbit sanders generally have three power sources, each one with its benefits and drawbacks:.

If you sand wide vertical surfaces, a lighter model will create less hand and wrist fatigue, allowing you to work longer without having to take a break. Red Label Abrasives has you covered if you need sanding discs for your orbital sander. Red Label Abrasives is a family-owned manufacturer that has been producing premium-quality abrasives at affordable prices for over 35 years.

We take great pride in offering exceptional sanding discs and unrivaled customer service. Quick Summary Orbital disc sanders can be a great tool for producing wood products with a fine finish. This Makita brand sander is another smaller-model orbital that can bring more power than you might expect. But maybe you've already come to expect more from Makita than other manufacturers.

This is a highly adjustable machine that can fit a Fine Woodworking Magazine Subscription Studies variety of jobs with little difficulty. The variable speed 3. Adjusting for speed between the available choices, which range from 4, to 12, orbits per minute, is simple thanks to the dial located centrally on the sander's top grip, which is easy to access with your thumb during operation.

A large, lock-on capable, pressure-sensitive trigger also helps to make this a more malleable machine. This focus on being able to switch between heavy and light-duty sanding is matched by the construction of Makita's machine.

This model's design is definitely among the best of the products included in our reviews. With plenty of rubberized places to grip and hold the sander -- including an adjustable front handle for working in corners and confined spaces — you can be sure that you'll be able to find a comfortable way to control your tool, whether the task at hand calls for one or two There are more usability features built into this sander, too.

A pad control system makes for more restrained finishing and helps lessen the occurrence of unsightly swirls and scuff marks. An efficient dust collection system runs directly through the sand pad in order to keep your work surface clean and safe.

The high capacity collection system can also be enhanced via a built-in vacuum port adapter so you can further minimize the impact of dust on your productivity. An incredibly versatile random-orbit sander, the Makita BOK is built entirely with adaptability in mind.

Capable of being adjusted to a variety of speeds and configurations, this sander can fit whatever job you're hoping to handle. This basic model random orbital sander from Porter-Cable is a great bet for the homeowner who doesn't have a bevy of projects on the horizon, but knows one or two will always come up. This is one of the lighter-duty sanders available and comes equipped with a 1.

The runs at an impressive 12, orbits per minute, though, and utilizes a Controlled Finishing System that allows for controllable pad speed and lessens the occurrence of gouging and swirling.

The 's best selling point is probably its ease of use and maneuverability. Porter-Cable's sander has 5-inch ball-bearing construction, 3-pound weight, and dual-plane counterbalanced fan make it easy to move about and also reduce user fatigue so you can keep working as long as needed.

The Porter-Cable is not a heavy-duty, professional sander by any means, but it also shouldn't be faulted for it. This is an ideal sander for those looking to complete fine finishing projects that come up around the home. Bosch has a few different random orbit sanders to choose from and a few that have made our list. This sander, like all of their models, is designed for low vibration and minimal noise with the help of a counterbalance mechanism and a dual bearing pad mount system.

This is the most powerful of the Bosch models though only a hair larger than the ROS65VC , but it comes with plenty of rubberized grips and an ergonomic design to Fine Woodworking International Subscription Value make for a comfortable operating experience. What sets this model apart is that it comes with the option of varying between two orbit modes so you can tackle a wider variety of tasks. The random orbit mode works for normal stock removal and fine finishing, while the "Turbo" mode operates at five times the regular random orbit rate so you can sand down rougher stock that regular sanders might not be able to handle.

Switching between the two modes is easy too with a sanding mode selector. It's like having two different sanders in one! And within the two modes, there is plenty of further variation to be had.

The GETN offers a powerful 7. This is possibly the most tricked out of the Bosch entries and includes a number of exciting and helpful features to maximize your sander's performance. Just like the ROS20VC, this random orbit machine includes a soft start function and a pad dampening system to help minimize swirls and scuffs.

It also comes equipped with a passive dust tube system that can be attached to a vacuum to keep your work station clean and safe. This tool is perfect for the woodworker who was impressed with our top pick Bosch, but who might be looking at sanders with a little more power and longevity to them. This random orbital from Bosch stands apart from the rest of the company's sanders because of its adjustability and ability to alternate between two unique sanding modes.

Perfect for the woodworker looking to tackle a variety of tasks. And another Bosch! This model is designed with much more of a focus on ease of usability during heavier duty stock removal as well as smoothing and finishing projects. The vibration control allowed by Bosch's exclusive suspension system makes for an extremely smooth operating experience, better handling, and a decrease in user fatigue. The front and rear soft-grip handles mean you can put the necessary pressure on your machine without wearing yourself out.

Other areas of the sander are also built to grip, and the front handle can be removed if needed for more versatility and maneuverability. Powering this sander is an impressive 3. This model also accepts either 5-inch or 6-inch pads, so you have more sanding options to choose from. A tubular dust canister, a vacuum hose adapter, and a Micro Filter mean you'll be able to keep your workshop clean while working with this sander.

This sander is great for those who are doing a lot of stock removal and finishing work. It focuses on comfort and operating experience make it one of the absolute best for those who are looking to sand a lot of wood. The focus on usability and comfort mean that you can sand longer without having to worry about fatigue. The fixed high spin speed makes this a great and affordable tool for quick and efficient stock removal. The Skil SR runs on a 2. This sander comes with a micro-filtration system and dust seal switch to help keep your working environment clean and help ensure that your orbit sander will live a longer life.

The filtered dust and particles are kept in an interior canister and there is an added option of attaching a vacuum to increase cleanliness. Another feature beyond the basics is the inclusion of pressure control technology that can warn you if excessive pressure is being applied while you sand.

This can help prolong the life of your machine and lessen the likelihood of harming or scuffing the material you're working on. All in all, a fairly basic random orbital sander, but the Skil SR is a capable machine at a good value. Worth checking out especially if you're looking for something to handle the basic tasks and don't necessarily need a more refined piece of equipment.

This basic product from Skil is a good random orbital sander for someone looking for their first sander or who doesn't need as much versatility as the higher end models provide.

This question depends entirely on your short- and long-term needs. Smaller random orbits with fewer bells and whistles can be perfectly fine for some homeowners who will only need to perform a little bit of stock removal and some smoothing out on occasion, while carpenters, cabinet makers, and other heavy use woodworkers will likely require a tool that can perform consistently at a variety of speeds comfortably and over a long period of time.

Hopefully, our reviews are a good jumping off point for figuring out which random orbit sander is best for your woodworking needs.

While regular orbital sanders spin in a consistent circular pattern, a random orbit sander does just what its name suggests. Random orbitals randomize the pattern in which the sanding pad moves in order to eliminate the dreaded swirl that simple electric sanders can inflict on your woodwork.

It does this by running two separate operations at the same time. While the random orbit sander vibrates in a circular motion just like an orbital sander does, the circular pad spins along its main axis at the same time, which causes a random pattern. This randomized pattern is important for minimizing scratches and creating a more uniform surface.

The other main, and most easily noticeable, the difference between orbit sanders and random orbits is that orbit sanders have a square sanding pad, while random orbital sanders have a round pad, with generally a 5-inch or 6-inch diameter. We recommend, as always, to follow the instruction manual that comes with your pad in order to obtain more specific information and instructions about operating your sander.

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