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I agree sanding wood machine 300 the Privacy Policy. Request a Quote. These Cookies make a website usable by providing basic functions such as page navigation, language settings, and access to protected areas. Back Throughfeed moulders. Calibrating, fine sanding and transverse sanding for surfaces ranging from solid wood sandihg veneered or coated workpiece surfaces to high-quality glossy surfaces.

I saw one of your videos where you sand to grit. Am I sanding too much? And my response: Hey Michael. In my opinion, yes. I believe that after grit on most woods , we have a case of diminishing returns.

The whole idea with sanding the wood is not necessarily to get it as smooth as glass. Rather, its to give the wood a clean, even, and scratch-free appearance. To be more accurate, there are always going to be scratches in the surface. But by sanding with the grain, or in a completely random pattern as with a random orbit sander , your eye will never see them. And the number that I find removes all visible scratches is grit. Sometimes I am even happy with , but I usually go to just for good measure.

Because after the first coat of finish is applied, you are no longer dealing with the raw wood. You are dealing with the finish. And just as an FYI, I usually increase my grits between each coat of finish. So I sand the bare wood to After the first coat of finish dries, I sand with And between every coat thereafter. On the final coat, depending on the look I am going for, I may buff the surface with or grit soft pads. This helps to smooth out any little dust nibs.

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