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We've compiled a list of 60+ DIY Easy Woodworking Projects That Sell. They're all free, ranging from simple designs to some crazy builds.  Different types of woodworking are cabinet making, carpentry, and wood carving. People who love to make beautiful wooden items will appreciate the tips and techniques for woodworking included here in this guide. We will go through some easy projects that you can begin with right away. Of course, we will also go over the tools that you will use. Starting from the basics, you will need a power jointer and thickness planer. What woodturning projects should you make to be easily sold on online craft stores? If you want to know which product is more profitable and easier to sell, stay with us by the end of this article. Popular/Best Seller Woodturning Projects. The important question is that which are the best woodturning projects for being sold as a best seller? This is a simple question but the answer is not straightforward. If so, everyone would knew what to make therefore being as a bestseller would be more difficult! Lichtenberg Wood Burning eBook. These are best wood turning projects that can sell for more than just a regular plastic jewelry box if you put the effort into it. Some pallet wood found at your local hardware store, some wood glue and different hand tools are required to start. Understanding the fundamentals in making a jewelry box will allow you to expand into making a larger chest, a larger storage box, a different kind of jewelry box, or a keepsake box. 3. Wooden Cutting Board. Perhaps one of the simplest yet most utilitarian and practical project would be a wooden cutting board. They are also by far one of the easiest to. Tutorial via A Butterfly House. Diego 4 May Reply. Made simply by working around a piece of pinewood! Please respond to how i retain access. You like puzzles? I appreciate your effort. Project credit: vintagerevivals.

Chess boards seem to sell really well online, as any chess player appreciates a custom-made hardwood chess board. He does fantastic work and has a very thorough tutorial on his site. This is an essential toy for all children. Kids absolutely love these, and they make great gifts.

That means they will probably sell really well. I would suggest finding a way to make yours stand out and be unique, without adding to the cost of the build. That way you can price it more competitively to get an edge.

This is a fun and easy idea from Suncatcher Studio. The tutorial is well done and comes with decent plans. I would build a few of these and see how they sell, then come up with similar ideas for other styles and patterns.

Not every kid likes a piano, but maybe an alligator? You may want to find ways to make it more interesting or colorful. Maybe add features so it holds additional rubber bands, or build in a way so 2 rubber bands can be loaded at once.

Just remember, doing these projects in any way that makes them stand out from your competitors will really help to sell more. Apparently, a good backgammon set can go for quite a bit at online craft stores. By keeping your build time minimal, you can be more competitive.

This was done over at HerToolBelt. Using interesting styles like this one here is a good example of what you DO want to sell. This particular set is from BillPentz. But because these block sets are so basic, you want to have other toys to offer as well. Everything he does is awesome. This project he did is a very practical and great looking desk organizer.

This is a very standard wooden ladder-style quilt rack done by Remove and Replace. However, I would suggest using this guide to learn how to put one together, then design one that is unique and stands out from the rest. This will help it sell better online. Just like the ladder quilt rack, this traditional style will sell online.

This model was done at Wayne of the Woods. This is a great tutorial done by diynetwork. They use plenty of photos to show you every step of the project. But for woodworking projects that sell online, something like this will have a lot of competition.

You want this thing to look awesome and fun, and colorful! What can I say, people love their boos. Minwax knows this, and they created this great tutorial on their blog. This type of decorative and functional project sells like crazy online. You may want to scope out your competition first to get ideas of how the successful ones are doing it.

Come up with any additional features you can incorporate to make yours better than the rest. Be sure to sign up below to get some additional free plans and projects of my own, sent right to your inbox. This page may have affiliate links. For more information see my disclosure page. About The Author Adam has been woodworking for the last 10 years. He considers himself a 'Small Shop Woodworker' and practices his hobby in his garage.

With the lack of time, space, and proper tools, he always finds ways to get great results without over-complicating or over-thinking the process. Various shop jigs, table saw sleds, and tricks of the trade have served him well. God has blessed him with a beautiful family, as well as a passion for teaching others about woodworking.

You can read more about Adam here. Well put together and content rich post here. Packed with information for me to look into this as a hobby or business. My brother in-law use to be great at this before he got strokes but I know he still loves it. David, thx for stopping by!

My heart goes out to your family, take care! Paul Thanks for stopping by man, I hope you get some good use from my website. Good luck! Hoping to be a small source of income for them. I am a hobbyist. Lately, I was looking for some project ideas. And, this article provided lots of exciting ideas that I want to undertake. I appreciate your effort. Hi Adam Thanks for the great and seemingly simple to make ideas.

Am retired and have always loved tinkering with wood. Find your niche, become the best at it and then once you also find your demand you can charge what you like because people will want to own a piece of YOU.

Bill Griffith Sydney Australia. Pin 41K. Share 14K. Ty Reply. With little practice, you can make a coat rack that will attract lots of attention from those who are decorating their house. Wooden frames will always be timeless and plastic frames can never compare with them.

Wooden frames are the most profitable woodworking projects to build and sell. Even a novice in Woodworking can make frames and sell them. You can make wooden frames unique by adding decorations and various color combinations, etc. Coasters are required in every home to protect the furniture from cup or glass rings.

They are easier to make and they are sold for cheap. However, you can sell coasters at the double price if you customize them. Just give the customers option to have their name or a symbol carved on their coaster and you can charge double.

A Candle holder is also another suitable woodworking project for beginners. It requires limited raw material and a set of skills to shape a piece of wood into a beautiful candle holder.

If you sell candles; you can pair them up with a wooden candle holder and earn extra money. Every woman in the world owns rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces and all of them must have a jewelry box to keep them. Women usually prefer an aesthetic wooden jewelry box over a plastic one.

This Woodworking project is also very profitable and easy to make. They are sold at higher prices as compared to plastic jewelry boxes. With time you can make more complex and impressive wooden jewelry boxes and sell them at better prices.

Everyone loves coke or soda. They are a must have on every occasion and party. What can be best than soda or coke? It is one of the most popular Woodworking Projects that sell. Moreover, it is one of the basic woodworking projects that can bring in a good amount of money.

Utensil Carrier is another Woodworking Project that sells. A utensil carrier is inexpensive to make because very little raw material is required to put it together. Plus the instructions required to make it are simple and easy. A wooden entryway organizer is very sought after woodworking projects. What we love about this project is not only the simplicity of making it, but the minimalistic look it has.

If you want to fancy it up, you can of course use some color too. Project credit: diynetwork. This project features reclaimed wood, giving the perfect rustic and homey look to the picture frame. This could actually be a great project for refining your woodworking skills as a beginner! Project credit: passionshake. Though the idea behind the project is so easy, these little picture holders actually look amazing and fit perfectly to a modern home.

Are you constantly working in your bed with laptop? This folding lap desk is the perfect solution for modern lifestyle and makes your life tons easier! Jen from The House of Wood presented this cool idea as her contribution to the one-board challenge. The project might be a little intimidating for those without tons of woodworking experience under their belt, but Jen makes the project easy for everyone, as always!

Project credit: thekimsixfix. Could it get any more perfect? Other than that, the detailed tutorial makes it incredibly easy to replicate this cool desk organizer yourself! As a final touch, you can paint the organizer with your favorite colors — just to give it a nice finished look. Project credit: chloelarkin.

The minimalistic look comes from using untreated pine and assembling the wooden pieces in a clever simple way. A bit of wood, screws, a drill and 15 minutes — this is a wonderful project for a Saturday afternoon. Project credit: rogueengineer. Are you looking for a memorable and unique wedding gift?

A wedding wine box is a trendy gift, but making one yourself makes the gift simply so much personal. Project credit: newblooming. Who said shelves have to be rectangular?

In fact, the circle of the shelves is made of quilting hoops! You do need clamps for this though — be ready to clamp this beauty crazily! Why not decorate your own nursery with something as cute as this? Project credit: burkatron. This mid century style nightstand looks like it just jumped out from the cover of a decor magazine.

Simple rectangular shape and hairpin legs look simply brilliant together, especially when the wood is untreated. The same idea could easily be applied for making something bigger, such as a coffee table.

Or you can take this even further and use some other wood, such as pine. The choices are endless! This project simply proves once again that simplicity is the best.

Practical and gorgeous — this one really is a heart-stealer! Project credit: kj. Instead, you can showcase them on your kitchen counter! You can then lean the rack against a wall or even wall-mount it — whatever you prefer. This is a must-have for every wine-lovers home! Project credit: wellmadeheart. Not only are triangle shelves popular among DIY-ers, you can find such shelves even from furniture shops.

You can bet that the price tag there is rather hefty! You could also use wood glue if you prefer that, but in that case you need to be patient. One way or the other, you can easily make 10 or even more of these shelves within just one weekend. Feel free to change the measurements as well and create triangles in different sizes. That way you can create a quirky wall display with photo frames and cool triangle shelves. It will look exactly like in home decor magazines, you can be sure of that!

Project credit: diyhuntress. You can never have too many benches. While benches are usually considered to be something more demanding when it comes to carpentry skills, this project proves that wrong.

This affordable bench plan is feasible even for beginner woodworking enthusiasts. Once you have the tools and materials, the rest is easy: cut the pieces according to the cut list, create the frames, x-s and shelves, then assemble all pieces together. Similarly to benches, you can never have too many chairs. The wood of choice here is redwood as it has natural tendency to resist to warping, shrinking and other ugly phenomenons that might happen with outdoor furniture.

Though these chairs have been built for outdoor use, you could easily build them for indoors as well. Wooden chairs always make the room shine! Jen from The House of Wood is here to inspire us some more with this great idea.

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