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Mar 11,  · SUBSCRIBE (FREE) TO STUMPY NUBS WOODWORKING JOURNAL www.- SCRIBE TO YOUTUBE CHANNEL www.- Powerful two-stage dust collector models induce a cyclone to help effectively separate heavy and light particles which then collect at the bottom of the drum or are captured in the dust filter bag. Single-stage and two-stage portable dust collectors feature carrying handles for . 11 Gal. Wet/Dry HEPA Filter Dust Extractor/Vacuum The 11 Gal. Wet/Dry HEPA Filter Dust Extractor/Vacuum The 11 Gal. Wet/Dry HEPA Filter Dust Extractor/Vacuum (VCL) is a best-in-class solution for dust extraction in concrete and woodworking applications. The VCL is powered by a 12 AMP motor that generates CFM of suction power and 92 In. of water lift to take on the most .

Single Stage Dust Collectors, Custom, and Hybrid Systems. Replace your old filter bag with an industrial quality pleated canister filter! If you have a single stage dust collector of ANY brand or size, we offer a canister style filter that can be adapted to it. And, if you are building a custom or hybrid system, our filters are adaptable as well. Single Stage Dust Collector. The reason why they’re called single stage is that these units circulate air only once before using it to create vacuum. As a result, you can rely on them to only collect small amounts of dirt. On the plus side, the compactness of these units allows you to connect them to your power tools. Also, as they produce. A dust collector is designed to be the first stage in your dust abatement program and must be able to do three things well: it must move a sufficient volume of air to capture the material generated at each machine; the air must travel at a sufficient velocity to transport even the largest chips and debris; and it must have filter media.

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