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Dec 22,  · And of course there’s a lot of people who love them for the opposite end of things – the high angle smoothing. This is the attraction of a bevel up (or low angle) plane; that ability to change the cutting angle to these two extremes. The bevel up plane iron (left) goes in to the plane with the bevel facing upwards – hence the name. Jun 29,  · Bevel-up bench-type planes cannot and will never replace the infinite versatility of a #4 Bailey-pattern bench plane and a Bailey-pattern #4 bench smoothing plane is the very best and simplest of all bench planes for any new woodworker. It’s the number one first plane over any other on the market bar none. That’s my opinion but not mine alone. Feb 28,  · Definitely bevel down for that design. The size looks like a smoothing plane. i.e. smoothing already flattened surfaces (instead of using sandpaper). What you’re trying to do is called edge jointing, which is typically done with a much larger plane (Like a .

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