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So, once you have your cabinet depth, rear hod brackets and mounting location you can safely match finalize your drawer slide length. Our Articles. Typically you would find these on a pullout keyboard tray on a computer desk. Ball bearings or nylon rollers allow the parts to move smoothly past each other. Follow these tips to make sure everything goes smoothly:. Printer-friendly version.

Secure the front of the slide to the face frame. The bracket at the rear slides to reach the back of the cabinet. Use the exact type of screw called for or provided by the manufacturer, as screwheads that stand too proud can prevent slides from moving smoothly. Many slides come with multiple holes and slots to allow fine-tuning drawer position and accommodate a variety of mounting options, photo below.

Screw slots allow for adjusting drawer position in, out, up, and down. With the drawer properly positioned, drive screws into the holes to lock the slide in place. Also, handed slides must mount on a specific side, photo below ; unhanded slides mount on either side. Know right from left. Slides that must be installed on a specific cabinet side viewed from the front of the cabinet have that designation stamped on them. Now that you know the options, simply consider all installation requirements and pick a slide that best suits the project.

Self-closing slides take the concept further and pull the drawer closed with just a gentle press on the drawer front. Touch-release slides do the opposite—with a touch, the drawer pops open; useful for sleek cabinets without pulls.

Progressive movement slides provide a smooth glide because all segments move simultaneously, instead of having one segment reach the end of its travel before it begins pulling the next along. Detent and locking slides hold in a set position until pushed, preventing unintended movement—ideal for small appliance stands or cutting boards.

After marking and installing biscuit joints in several boards that I've glued up edge-to-edge, I Skip to main content. Drawer Slides Demystified. What makes up a slide Drawer slides have two mating pieces. Facebook Pinterest Twitter Text. Printer-friendly version. Read more about Doors and Drawers. Pivot door slides are very unique, because they aren't used for drawers at all.

Notice the hinges attached to the end of the slide. These slides allow you to open up a door and slide it inside the cabinet, tucking the door out of the way. You might find these concealing a TV and entertainment center in the living room, or maybe a bar in a lounge. These super duty slides are used to support very large concealed pantries. The large slide supports from the bottom. The slightly smaller slide supports from the top.

These slides are used in tables that have removable sections called leaves. These will connect the two How To Make A Frame Look Antique far ends, and when you want to increase your surface area you just pull the two sections apart and drop the table leaf in the middle.

Tandems can seem complex to someone who's never used them before. Take a look at our full tutorial on how to use Blum Tandem slides or check out our growing library of video tutorials for using Blum Tandems below. Need additional guidance? Feel free to Send Us an Email or Give Us a Call at to speak to one of our hardware experts for more information.

Hardware All the hardware needed to handle any job. Never be without a Tool. We've got your back. The Perfect finish for your project. Oodles and oodles of supplies.

Monthly Specials Bargain Bin. Our Articles. Home Drawer Slide Feature Guide. Drawer Slide Feature Guide. Find full extension drawer slides here. Find side mount drawer slides here. Find undermount drawer slides here. Find soft close drawer slides here. Find overtravel drawer slides here. Terms and Conditions - Privacy Policy. The good news is measuring for drawer slides is relatively straight forward. How to Measure Drawer Slides Length.

Step 1 - Understand your cabinet construction. Step 2 - Pick Your Slide Type. Meanwhile, undermounts are more advanced and are fully concealed under the drawer. Undermounts typically come one inch shorter as they require room in the back of the slide for a connecting mechanism.

And bottom mounts are a cross between both and are seen on the bottom side of the drawer. Step 3 - Measure Cabinet Depth. This step is easy. Then consider: Never use a longer slide than the cabinet depth.

Round down to the next inch. Step 4 - Pick Your Slide Length. Measuring Undermount Drawer Slides.

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