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7 Best Drawer Slides - Review of Soft Close & Undermount Runners

Soft-Close drawer slides not only provide you with the latest in closing technology, but also ensure that your drawer closes quietly Soft Close Drawer Slides Toronto User and smoothly each and every time. Narrow your Results. 35% OFF. See Length Options. Tandem H 21 inch Soft Close Undermount Drawer Slide by. Mar 19,  · So, as you’d expect, a soft close drawer slide does Soft Close Drawer Slides How They Work Key two things. First, it prevents drawers from slamming through use of a damper that catches the drawer and slows the closing force. Then second, using (preferably) two large springs the soft close mechanism gently pulls the drawer closed. Is it the same as self closing? Soft-close versions are used on drawers with handles and provide a smooth and controlled closing action. For handle-free drawers, push-open versions use a synchronizing rod to connect left and right slides so that even wide drawers can be opened with a touch anywhere on the drawer front. Push-open Soft Close Drawer Slides For Inset Drawers Quick slides are manually closed and latched.

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