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Сидение для унитаза с микролифтом Soft Close это эволюционная модель наших привычных сидений для унитаза, которые мы прозываем стульчак. За частую, приходя в гости, вы случайно роняли сиденье для унитаза на унитаз, вызывая этим громкий хлопок, который вызывал у вас чувство стыда, а у хозяина чувство тревоги? Современные технологии пришли к нам на помощь и появилось такое решение как микролифт (механизм плавного закрытия) или по европейски говоря - Soft Close. Данный механизм позволяет закрывать как крышку унитаз, так и само сиденье без хлопка. При этом от вас не требуется ничего сложного, всег. Tip: Soft closing slides will both keep a drawer shut with integrated springs and also prevent it from slamming through use of a damper that “slows” the drawers close. Meanwhile, self closing drawer slides only keep the drawer shut through either gravity or a rubber tab on the slides back. In This Article.  Self closing drawer slides are the same as soft closing drawer slides – right? Why are drawer slide brackets required on face frame cabinets? Can I use a soft close drawer slide on a trash can cabinet?  Supplied screws were wrong kind. Plastic soft close catch vs. steel. 3. Vadania VK Side Mount Soft Close Drawer Slides. For RETROFIT or NEW drawers you can't beat the stylish black Vadania soft close drawer slides. Waterson Self-closing hinges introduce mechanical & hydraulic systems for a wider spectrum of door closing styles such as soft closers.  Choose either Mechanical self-closing or Hydraulic Hybrid soft-close depending upon your particular needs. MECHANICAL ONLY. Waterson mechanical hinges are great for high frequency use heavy doors. State-of-the-art heat treated carbide components and EN-certified springs ensure durability, effectiveness, and longevity. Your heavy duty commercial doors will close effectively at a controlled speed every time due to durable and constant braking force. You can simply let the door close on it’s own without any hand force to avoid accelerated closing speed.

soft close drawer slides close the same as self close until the drawer is almost to the cabinet face then it slows and gently closes. With self close slides the drawer will kind of snap to a close. Apr 27,  · Soft-Close vs. Self-Close Cabinet Hinges. Now that you know about the advantages of each hinge type, consider the disadvantages. With certain kinds of soft-closing cabinet hinges, some people complain that you have to use a lot of pressure to get the doors closed. By keeping the doors from banging shut, these hinges make it harder to shut Estimated Reading Time: 5 mins. Jan 28,  · At least in undermount slides like the Blum Tandem and the Hettich Quadro, "self close" means that the slide pulls the drawer in for the last inch or two of travel. "Soft close" means that the slide pulls the drawer in, plus the slide has an oil-filled damping cylinder which slows the drawer's motion during that last bit of travel.

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