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Spiral Router Bits vs. Straight Router Bits

Starting At $ Add to Cart. Onsrud HSS Up-Cut Spiral Mortising Router Bit - 3/4'' Dia x /4'' H x 1/2'' Shank. Rating: %. (27) $ Aug 15,  · The increasingly popular spiral router bits borrow technology from the metalworking industry. Spiral bits look like drill bits and are most often made of solid carbide, so they are super sharp and leave a superior cut on wood. Two flutes ground around the body of a spiral bit smooth vibration by spreading the cutting action over a longer edge.5/5. Dec 02,  · Just pair an Onsrud 3/4-in. spiral upcut bit (Model ) with two Whiteside 1/2-in. ID, 3/4-in. OD bearings (Model B19) and a bearing lock collar (Model LC-1/2). Combination bits have bearings at both the tip and the shank, making them a very convenient www.- : Bob Van Dyke.

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