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FITS MOST STOCK: Self-centering action allows Square Clamps For Woodworking Zip up to about /2-inch round or square stock (maximum capacity); You can drill two identical parallel holes without moving the jig thanks to the 5 standard SAE drill boring sizes 1/4-inch, 3/8-inch, 5/inch, 7/inch, Square Jig For Woodworking and 1/2-inch; Hole sizes are permanently laser-etched for quick, accurate use. Once you're satisfied with the movement of the jig, pull the jig all the way forward (toward your body), raise the saw blade to slightly more than 3/4-inch. Start the saw and trim the right-side edge of the jointer jig. The saw blade should remove only about 1/8-inch of plywood. Your table saw jointer jig is . Special one-time RUN woodworking tools and accessories for professional and hobbyist woodworking needs. Woodpeckers offers our unique, beautiful & collectible OneTIME Tools for sawing, drilling, measuring, clamping, routing, sharpening, turning and more. Learn more here!

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