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This article is from Issue 84 of Woodcraft Magazine. Emotions aside, hand planes are more than just historical artifacts. With a little know-how and a healthy helping of elbow grease, most can be turned into practical tools for any modern-day wood shop. In many instances, an old stanley hand plane replacement parts error can be put back to work with about the same amount of effort as prepping a new tool.

I find that I can get a salvageable plane up to shaving speed in less than an hour. To make your initial diagnosis, disassemble the tool and give the stanley hand plane replacement parts error a thorough cleaning. This step enables the moving parts to function smoothly, and provides you with an opportunity to inspect for cracks, chips, or missing parts. To familiarize yourself with the nomenclature and ensure that your plane has all its parts, refer to the figure, right.

To start, remove the lever cap, chipbreaker, and blade, and then remove the tote and knob. Next, remove the frog from the body. I find a grinder-mounted wire wheel is particularly helpful. After rinsing and drying the metal parts, use compressed air to blow out any grit from the threaded holes this debris can ruin the screw threads and reassemble the tool.

Apply a light machine oil to the threads and moving parts, and paste wax to the freshly cleaned surfaces to prevent rust and restore the luster. Two wheels, no waiting. Use a honing guide and abrasives to do the heavy work.

Adhered to a granite plate, coarse-grit sandpaper establishes a bevel almost as quickly as a grinding wheel, but without any risk of overheating the edge. Start sharpening. Without adjusting the guide, switch to your stones and hone the bevel. Dress the edge. To maintain a consistent angle, hook your fingers over the edge of your bench. Round the top. Sand away any bumps or nicks, then use a buffing wheel to polish it up.

If the back has deep rust pockets, you may not be able to undo the damage. Even with a freshly honed bevel, the pockets will create divots on the edge that will produce track marks on your freshly-planed surface. A short iron suggests that a plane has seen a lot of use.

Unfortunately, repeated sharpenings stanley hand plane replacement parts error have removed the hardest steel the hardening process reaches in about an inch from the edge. Many of these substitutes are thicker than the original irons; a few require you to open up the mouth with a file. A properly tuned chipbreaker forces shavings up and out of the plane.

In order to accomplish this, the leading edge must be in full contact with the back of the iron, or it will snag shavings and choke. To straighten a twisted breaker, secure it in a vise and apply force in the opposite direction. As a final step, smooth the top stanley hand plane replacement parts error the breaker to encourage shavings to pass out of the throat. Start lapping.

After assembling the plane, retract the blade, and use light pressure until you achieve an even scratch pattern on the sole. Start shaving. Secure a test board to your bench. While running the plane across the wood, rotate the depth adjustment knob and make lateral adjustments until the blade contacts the wood evenly. For a plane to work effectively, its sole needs to be flat. The trick is to focus on what matters. I start flattening with grit sandpaper, and finish with For a special plane, I might work up to Silicon carbide sandpaper is suited for metal, but I find that premium aluminum oxide lasts longer and cuts more consistently.

A reliably flat reference surface is important. For longer planes, you stanley hand plane replacement parts error use a piece of float Stanley Hand Plane Replacement Parts Setting glass, or the cast-iron top of your table saw or jointer.

For shorter planes, I prefer a granite surface plate. Mark the sole, then start scrubbing, as shown. When the key areas are clean, run a fine mill file along the outside edges and the mouth opening to remove any burrs or sharp edges that might gouge your work or cut your fingers. Finally, wipe away or blow off any abrasive and metal particles, rub a little wax on the sole, and give it a test run.

If the plane is missing a few parts, you might have a problem. In most cases, parts for Stanley planes are interchangeable. Non-Stanley planes can be different story. Even if you can find replacement parts, you might still be stuck with a poor performer. My advice?

These three companies made high-quality tools. Replacement parts for these planes are available online. This plane seems promising, until you check the flip side. This welded crack suggests that it may be at the end of its useful life. Keep looking. Tools have always been made to different price points. At first glance, the wood and shape of the tote suggests that one plane is better than the other. You must be logged in to write a comment.

Log In. Find a Store. My Account. My Cart. Go to Home Page. Mobile Navigation. Same Day Shipping Find a Store. Search Go. Topics Cabinetry. Choosing Hardware. Dust Collection. Friends of Woodcraft. Getting Started with Woodworking. Make Something. Pen Kit Reference Chart. Press Releases. Resin Casting. Shop Talk. Woodcraft Magazine. Woodworking Adventures. Download PDF. Use this simple 4-step strategy to turn an old plane into a super shaver.

Step 1: Start with a careful cleaning To make your initial diagnosis, disassemble the tool and give the parts a thorough cleaning. Bring back the blade. Check the chipbreaker. Close the gap.

A properly stanley hand plane replacement parts error chipbreaker forces shavings backwards, causing them to break before they tear away stanley hand plane replacement parts error the surface. Otherwise, shavings will jam into the gap and choke your plane. Step 3: Check the chipbreaker A properly tuned chipbreaker forces shavings up and out of the plane.

Flatten the sole. Key points of contact. Focus on the stanley hand plane replacement parts error areas. Use marker lines to gauge your progress. Smooth edges. Use a mill file to remove burrs and soften sharp edges. Take a test run. A plane by any other name Steer clear of cracks This plane seems promising, until you check the flip side. Mar 17, PM.

We offer top-quality replacement blades for other manufacturers’ bench planes (e.g., Stanley or Record) in A2, O1 or PM-V11 tool steel. All are lapped on the face side to a flatness tolerance of " or better, with an average roughness (Ra) of 5 microinches (") or better. Sweetheart No. 60 1/2, /2 in. Low Angle Block Plane This Sweetheart /2 in. Low Angle Block This Sweetheart /2 in. Low Angle Block Plane is made from extra-thick 1/8 in. ( mm) A2 steel for excellent edge retention. The base is precision-ground ductile cast iron with solid brass hardware for smooth adjustments. Hand Sanitizers; See How the Pros Measure Up. Tools For Your Next Project. STANLEY tool warranties vary by product category. Get all the info you need on warranty repair or replacement for your product. LEARN MORE. SAFETY RECALL Stay on top of recalled products. If your product is recalled for any reason we will post instructions for repair.

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