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Nothing budges and if you slip your knofe will meet with a very sharp stanley marking knife blades. When all of the individual segments are used, the knife may be stanley marking knife blades away, or, more often, refilled with a replacement blade. Absolutely amazing little marking knife. The development of stronger locking blade mechanisms for folding knives—as with the Spanish navajathe Opineland the Buck Folding Hunter [ citation needed ] —significantly increased the utility of such knives when employed for heavy-duty tasks such as preparing game or cutting marming dense or tough materials. Tighten the screw to much you will struggle to open the knife and the locking mechanism needs manually pushing to engage, and trying to close the blade with a tight screw is almost impossible and you risk slicing yourself open. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. The user can adjust how far the blade extends from the handle, so that, for example, the knife can be used to cut the tape sealing a package without damaging the contents of the package.

But my suspicions of the blade not sitting straight is confirmed as the blade now catches on the body of the knife so you have to bend the blade over slightly to let it lock closed. So with the screw loosened enough to allow the locking mechanism to work correctly it will continue to loosen and present a safety issue. Tighten the screw to much you will struggle to open the knife and the locking mechanism needs manually pushing to engage, and trying to close the blade with a tight screw is almost impossible and you risk slicing yourself open.

Think carefully before purchasing this so called folding pocket knife. It is not safe, and poorly designed. Generally, Stanley tools are well designed and manufactured. This knife turned out to be something of an exception. Okay, I am usually picky about the way things are designed, engineered and work and in my opinion, this tool is something of a let down. The knife blade moves about in place.

It will not easily park in the handle without being guided into the slot. The internal moving section is made of what looks like polycarbonate and could be designed better. The rear spring loaded section sticks and the forward screw lock does not work easily.

For me, this tool was unsatisfactory and overpriced. If you want something to carry around that's legal, you might just as well buy a slightly more expensive, but properly made Victorinox Swiss Army Knife. Once you use a coin to open it up for the first time you can see there's relatively few moving parts. Flipping one of the two blades contained within the handle and inserting it into the right place is easy, and you'll be snapping it back together with one spare blade left in the handle.

It's once the blade is in place the locking mechanism comes in to play, and it feels fairly secure as you try to pull it away from the handle to unlock the stiff blade for closing it back up. Using it is a pleasure as the ergonomics seem just about right for my average sized male hands. The blade seems to be of high quality and has a nice sharp edge at the tip for splitting the fibres of timber for accurate marking. It would Narex Marking Knife Canada Video be a wise move to get a pack of blades and perhaps store two spares in the handle.

I have used it on vinyl flooring already and it's got a great precision as I made my cuts on delicate angles at doorframes. Overall I can't see me reaching for any other marking tool for quite some time as this one feels like it's built to last.

These seem to be very popular judging by the way they seem to walk out of the workshop - this is my third, to date.

Thet are useful tools as marking knives, box openers and foer cutting string and sharpening pencils. I bought a box of 50 blades a while back, but we also sharpen the blades, so balde life is considerably extended. At first the blades can be awkward to fit and difficult to open and close, but they wear in after a short while and work fine - a pity they are not working perfectly straight out of the pack, with a blade fitted and ready for use - hence a star off. However, there are the best marking knives we use and so will keep purchasing and using them: my latest one is tied to a piece of paracord, making it easy to keep on me while in the workshop and, hopefully, harder to lose.

This is probably my most used knife, it's a great size for accurate work but strong enough to tackle most jobs. The locking mechanism works well, it's quick to open and close and there's little chance of the blade accidentally opening.

Once open, the blade is kept firmly in position. It's slightly awkward to replace the blades - I'd prefer it to be tool-less but you do need a small screwdriver. Not a big deal but still, something to improve.

It holds two spare blades in the handle, and once you've unscrewed the body its simple enough to safely change the blade out. It fits beautifully in the hand which makes it great for accurate cutting, it has a good weight to it. Even though it has a smooth painted exterior it doesn't slip about. I use Swann Morton blades in mine and they fit well with a tiny bit of modification to the plastic internals.

As many other reviewers have mentioned, the Stanley branded blades are expensive so I bought a 50 pack of Swann Morton and still have plenty to spare as I like to resharpen my blades when I can.

They're no longer available on Amazon for some reason so I think eBay is your best bet. All in all, it's an excellent knife that should last you years, I've had mine a couple of years and despite a few blemishes to the paintwork it's still functioning like new. For the money it's great value - just don't get ripped off buying blades!. Truly excellent marking knife. Absolutely amazing little marking knife. I've seen Paul Sellers use and recommend it, and I see why.

Also, unlike other reviewers, I had zero problems inserting the blade which took roughly 20 seconds. There are two different blades in the handle, one with a pointy tip and the other one with a round tip. The mechanism for closing the blade works also very well. I can't see how this could open in your trouser pocket as somebody complained. Maybe they got a faulty product? Highly recommended. Thus each snapped-off piece is roughly a parallelogram, with each long edge being a breaking edge, and one or both of the short ends being a sharpened edge.

Another utility knife often used for cutting open boxes consists of a simple sleeve around a rectangular handle into which single-edge utility blades can be inserted. The sleeve slides up and down on the handle, holding the blade in place during use and covering the blade when not in use. The blade holder may either retract or fold into the handle, much like a folding-blade pocketknife.

The blade holder is designed to expose just enough edge to cut through one layer of corrugated fibreboard , to minimize chances of damaging contents of cardboard boxes. Most utility knives are not well suited to use as offensive weapons, with the exception of some outdoor-type utility knives employing longer blades. However, even small razor-blade type utility knives may sometimes find use as slashing weapons. The commission report stated passengers in cell phone calls reported knives or "box-cutters" were used as weapons also Mace or a bomb in hi-jacking airplanes in the September 11, terrorist attacks against the United States, though the exact design of the knives used is unknown.

Those knives were not found in the possessions the two hijackers left behind. Small work-type utility knives have also been used to commit robbery and other crimes. In June , a Japanese student was slashed to death with a segmented-type utility knife.

In the United Kingdom, the law was changed effective 1 October [12] to raise the age limit for purchasing knives, including utility knives, from 16 to 18, and to make it illegal to carry a utility knife in public without a good reason. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Redirected from Stanley knife. Any of various types of knives used for general or utility purposes, especially ones with retractable-and-replaceable blades.

For other uses, see Box cutter disambiguation. This section does not cite any sources. Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources.

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