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Stanley Jointer Plane no. 7 Stanley Bench Plane no. 7 Stanley Wood-Work Plane no. 7 Stanley Hand Plane no. 7. Further Information. Further information on the Stanley plane number 7 can be found in the many Stanley tool catalogues produced from the 19th Century through to the current day. Additional information to this Stanley number 7 plane Missing: instagram. Nov 29,  · Two weeks ago, I bought a Stanley No 7 in an antique shop in Maryland. I was worried that the bottom might not be flat. It is easy to flatten the sole of a Stanley No 4, but there is a lot more metal on a No 7. It turns out that it was easy to get it flat. I used doublesided tape on the infeed bed of an 8 in. jointer and 60 grit sandpaper. Please be aware: some antique Stanley planes that you buy will be harlequins, or conglomerates of parts from different years, so keep that in mind when listing a Stanley hand plane for sale. Also, stanley type studies like this are most accurate for No. 4 Stanley Bailey Smoothing Planes.

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