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Turn your bowls out Sealing Green Wood For Turning Test of green wood, the wetter the better, do the whole operation at one time, allow them to dry in paper bags, and then apply a finish to them. The true test is to go out into your shop and try it. Dec 13,  · Spraying a mist of water from a water bottle sprayer on the wood at regular intervals will prevent the wood from drying prematurely as you work. Turning Green Wood Bowls Thin Turning Green Wood Bowls Medium Thick. To be safe, you Storing Green Wood For Turning Table should store wood blanks, before turning them, for as long as possible in an atmosphere close to the intended final environment of the finished turning. This will ensure the minimum movement or warping in the finished piece and prevent splits. You should allow Best Green Wood For Turning 70 about 4 weeks for 1" thick timber.

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