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Swann-Morton Blade Set No. Load more products. From the blog Antonia Showering on her practice and how she's While many of their products are for surgical use, they also make a wide range of implements for other uses, including craft knives. These vary from disposable plastic scalpels to more complicated markig that incorporate safety features, but all of them are swann morton marking knife 0.5 to the same surgical quality and grade, ensuring that Swann-Morton brings you all you might want from a cutting tool.

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I came across a recommendation by British teacher and author Paul Sellers for using a Swann-Morton® scalpel as a marking knife. I bought the scalpel, sold as a handle alone, and a box of 50 blades. One handle and 50 blades for about $20 (Cdn.) sounded like a good deal in dollar terms, but perhaps a waste in practical terms as I am a woodworker. Nov 28,  · This blog is not saying this knife is better than my Stanley It is most likely I will never turn loose of mine now as I love it. Someone wrote to Narex Marking Knife Canada Video me and pointed out the blades of the Swann Morton knife blades looked very similar Swann Morton Marking Knife Youtube to the Stanley blade used in the so instead of risking buying blades that did not fit I thought I would try out the knives that seemed to go along. Swann-Morton Taytools® Westhoff WoodOwl Auger Bits Countersink Bits Self-Feed Bits Spade Bits Genuine Horse Butt Leather Strop with oz Chromium Oxide Micron Polishing Compound Bar A marking knife is an invaluable tool that should be in the toolbox of every woodworker. A good marking knife can produce crisp and well-defined ma.

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