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Quicker and easier to use than a traditional tape measure, modern At the push of a button, the device will then interpret data from the laser beam's reflection to measure the Best Pick: Bosch PLR 30 Digital Laser Measure of your laser beam, and a large backlit display to make the results easy to read. With eTape16, measuring is made more simple, reliable, accurate and versatile. Features include the ability to quickly convert measurements digitally. â–³Convenience Special Design for Customers - Data storage - Up to 10 sets of Switch on / off - Before using the digital display function of this tape measure. This product is suitable for measuring in hospitals, change libraries, classroom, and other serene places. Laser digital tape measure supports data hold and data clear function, as well as store or recalls role. S9 digital tape is compact and manageable; as such, it is the ideal tool for real estate, engineering, construction, contractors, and more. It delivers high-precision distance measurements using a laser precision technology from feet. Get it now on Amazon.

Add case length of cm in inside measuring mode: Press and hold 1 S. Tum into "H" mode save the measurement to memory, add 1 to the Inside sequence number, display "H" "M" and sequence number. It can store 8 data The 9th data will be stored to M8, the old sequence number 2. mmu.s 1 _ The first data Ml will be covered.

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