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Turn your car, bike or motorcycle into income. You'll find over 25 beautifully detailed patterns to color, allowing you to relax Beginning at noon on Oct. This easy-to-read Prairie dog management on county open space — annual public meeting Tuesday, Jan.

There has never been a better time to sell your Hideout home. Nearly homes were sold in leaving only 16 homes currently on the market today.

So make time to live, laugh, and love The time to act is now. Call us today to discuss your property. If you have a real estate contract with another real estate broker please disregard this ad.

All information is deemed reliable but is not guaranteed. It is gratifying to finally see our friends, neighbors and family members receiving the vaccine at places like Weis and Wayne Memorial.

Considering news about stronger and more infectious mutations, mask wearing in public combined with social distancing, and the availability of the vaccines will hopefully allow things to get back to normal soon. Our January 23 Board meeting was a busy one. The Board approved the appointment of 27 members to the committees, which are the lifeblood of the community.

We thank them for their service to the community and helping the Board in making critical decisions across all aspects of the Hideout.

For example, the Board approved a recommendation from the Public Safety Committee to amend the Consolidated Rules and Regulations to clarify prohibitions on discharging of a firearm in the Hideout. This is very detailed but critical work for our community.

If you want to make a difference and are interested in joining a committee, please reach out to Jill Metschulat at the POA. By now you should have received your dues in the mail. Please contact the office for the latest days and hours it will be opened.

In essence it provides the Budget Committee, our Financial Manager, and the Board proper amount of time to plan new budgets and makes changes to certain aspects on the Board election process including allowing electronic voting.

Special thanks to the Governing Documents and Budget committees for their efforts on these proposed amendments. The new year is upon us, and we can all hope is a better year than Knowing we have overcome probably the greatest challenge faced by many of us, survived and continued to thrive.

Faced with the greatest of challenges and with the lessons learned, we should be inspired to continue to find ways to succeed in this difficult environment. This is the time of year when the annual dues and membership renewal documents are sent out. By the time you read this message, you should have received these documents. We encourage you to review them thoroughly as they contain important information.

Information necessary for the administration to effectively continue to maintain the standards expected for which The Hideout is known. Members should know this year we billed lots however, the budget is based on lots paying in full. The Hideout is hopeful that lots will pay their dues, but historically this is not always the case, creating a shortfall. Over the years, not all members pay their dues, and this We also are working on a new online presents a burden to all our dedicated survey to gauge membership satisfaction members who pay their dues on a timely and to hear directly from you about what basis.

The Hideout is very appreciative of types of amenities and services you our members who realize the importance would like to see in the Hideout. Given of paying their dues. Members Finally, it was great to see the Ski Hill should understand there are statutes operational and young people and adults and various regulations which can impair enjoying a day on the slopes. It was a the collection of delinquent dues. The long and arduous process which started Hideout has engaged the services of last summer.

As Community Manager a law firm familiar with the collection Larry Frotton detailed opening the Ski process in the hopes of encouraging our Hill is not like turning on a light switch: it delinquent members to pay their bills, is a complex operation that depends on thereby relieving the burden placed on the Mother Nature and various inspections.

We understand We thank the Ski Hill staff for their efforts. Cluster mailboxes within The Hideout are limited. Please be sure to pick up your mail from your box on a regular basis. If you are unable to retrieve your mail from your box for an extended time, you should make arrangements with the Lake Ariel Post Office to have mail held or forwarded and ask how to preserve your box assignment.

As we have discussed in previous messages, Mother Nature dictates how successful many of our amenities will perform. All our outdoor amenities can benefit or suffer from adverse weather conditions. This year as last year, the weather has not been conducive for us to make adequate amounts of snow,.

Until we are sure the hill is safe for our employees and staff, the Ski Hill will not open. There does appear to be weather coming in the near future, which should give us the conditions we are looking for. Hopefully, when you read this message, the weather conditions improved and enabled us to safely open the Ski Hill. We do have equipment allowing us to make snow; however, temperatures must maintain certain levels for the task to be performed, and our equipment is also showing its age.

We are fortunate to have many volunteers and experienced professionals operating our hill. At the conclusion of this season, the management at the Ski Hill and Recreation will explore and prepare a report detailing the needs of the hill and the potential use of the hill yearround. As always, members are invited to communicate with the POA if they wish to offer suggestions. We have broadcast messages repeatedly concerning the use of fireworks in The Hideout.

The Board has passed a resolution making the use of fireworks illegal in The Hideout, unless approved by the Board for special occasions. We strongly urge members to make their guests and renters aware of this policy. Members should also understand any violations by guests or renters will be assessed against the owner of the lot.

Our Public Safety staff will continue to enforce the rules promulgated by the Board. We appreciate the cooperation of members as we work at making The Hideout a place of enjoyment for all our members.

Winter can be challenging for many of us for a variety of reasons. This year besides the weather, we have a pandemic to concern ourselves with. Those of us who follow various media outlets will tell you the COVID virus is still very much present. As such, we urge you take advantage of the services The Hideout offers, such as take-out dining and dining at our Clubhouse.

We ask you to watch out for fellow members who may not have mobility or are in need of services. Please be sure to pick up your mail from your box Sign If inyou atare www. I know for the past few years, my commitment to these resolutions has been questionable, at best. With the month of February being hallmarked as Heart month, I wanted to share with all of you a few simple tips and skills to remain heart healthy!

Firstly, diet and exercise are two of the most important parts of remaining heart healthy. The American Heart Association recommends eating 4 servings of fruit a day and 5 servings of vegetables a day. Although these amounts may seem daunting at first, but eating the bulk of your fruit and vegetable servings as snacks throughout the day can help! Although depending on our fitness level, exercise may have a different definition for each of us, the American Heart Association recommends minutes per week of moderate intensity activity.

Together we can all become more heart healthy if we follow these principles. In addition to eating healthy and exercising more, I think February is a great month to promote the lifesaving skill of CPR. Although our department would typically hold in person CPR courses, due to the pandemic, we are limited in doing so at this time.

Although this will not result in a certification, it will familiarize you with the lifesaving skills of hands only CPR. Stay safe! Chairman's Message W e are still enveloped by winter as we enter February. However, it is a sign of warmer things to come as the sunsets slowly move later and later. By the time we reach the end of the month, the sun will set at pm. A welcome change we can look forward to enjoying. Until the seasons start to change and warmer weather arrives, I want to thank our Maintenance Department for the great job and hard work they do of plowing The Weekend Woodworker Powered Up Zone and sanding our roads.

Thank you! The dues statements and packets have been mailed out and need to be paid by March 1st. All dues paid after March 31st will incur a penalty. Included in the packet are changes to our Bylaws that require a vote by the membership. These changes were recommended by the Governing Documents Committee and approved by the Board of Directors to be sent to the membership for a vote. All changes to the Bylaws must be approved by a majority of the voting membership.

Please follow the directions in your dues packet and cast your vote. This is an ad-hoc committee of community members who are appointed by the Board.

Our community has grown over the years and how we operate and do business has changed accordingly. A prime example this year is the recommendation to allow electronic voting for members of the Board of Directors. If approved members will have the ability to choose whether to vote by paper ballot or electronic ballot. As a former member of the GDC, I know what a tedious task and responsibility this is. The committee is charged with a difficult task and I would like to thank the committee for their perseverance, hard work and time they give to our community.

Facilities Maintenance has been working extremely hard on keeping our roads clear of snow and ice and we are prepared to enter the coldest and most hazardous winter months ahead. Our Maintenance crew works very long hours during these snow events and I would like to thank each and every one of them for their commitment and sacrifice during these times. With mother nature being so unpredictable this team answers the call on a moments notice.

With the winter weather ahead, I would also like to remind our members and staff to be careful driving and walking within our great community as snow and ice can be a major obstacle to prevent motor vehicle accidents and personal injury.

When we are dealing with a snow event, I do ask members while walking to be very cautious during the night time hours as snow will impact the visibility of the snow plow operators and if you are out please continue wearing reflective clothing.

The Storm water management planning for is currently under review and work will begin in the spring. Facilities has a number of major projects that we will be correcting in If any member is experiencing culvert pipe issues or drainage issues The Hideout is working on a plan to help alleviate some of the cost to replace and correct these issues on members properties. Based on The Hideout Protective Covenants property owners are responsible for the culvert pipe and drainage ditches that are on their property.

Please contact my office at ext. With Covid still lingering Housekeeping has been doing an outstanding job on keeping our facilities and amenities clean and sanitary. Part of. Trash and recycling have moved to a more consistent operational schedule Monday-Friday the center will now be open from 6am-8pm Saturday and Sundays 8am-8pm. This decision was based on our members concerns with time constraints and we feel this will help our members that work early in the morning.

There will be a fee associated with this and the fee is based on the materials being disposed of. The Maintenance facility will be getting a new roof this year as well as a new salt shed. Facilities is also working on upgrades to our amenities and other dept buildings in Our Permitting dept has some new updates for We now have all of our Permit applications available online as a fillable form.

Members in good standings can now fill out the online permit application and submit the application as well as any other required documentation directly to our permitting dept. If you have any questions or concerns in regards to permits, lot violations, Surveys or other documents that are required for some projects please contact our permitting officer Mike Clark at ext.

The Public Works Department would like to remind members to use caution when the snowplow trucks are on the roads. It is very difficult for the plow drivers to see pedestrians during an active storm, especially at night. For both your safety and drivers, please refrain from walking on the roads.

Also, please be sure that all personal items such as cars, basketball nets, planters, and people are ten feet from the roadside edge. We want everyone to be safe. We're one month closer to spring flowers and one month closer to the end of snowstorms for this year.

Keep your fingers crossed for an early spring! If you are lucky enough to be in The Hideout, you'll be able to enjoy what the Clubhouse, Ski Hill, and Recreation Department have to offer. The Community Relations Department continues to do its best to keep communication lines open between the Membership and Administration.

Facebook is a quick resource to see up-to-date information directly from the Administration. We have over 2, members receiving email blasts from The Hideout, even more than last month. If you have not signed up for email blasts, you can register on our website at hideoutassoc.

The Communications Committee is still looking for additional members. If you are interested in volunteering your time, please apply today. See a message from the committee on page 31 about opening up communication between the committee and the membership. If you have any questions or suggestions on how we can best communicate with you, please call me at or email lgreen thehideout. I look forward to hearing from you! Have questions or suggestions for a particular department in The Hideout?

Reach out to the relevant Hideout Department Manager for a quick and accurate response. If they don't have the answer, they will get one or forward you to the person who does. The Management team's contact information is on page 7. Have a happy and safe month! To advertise in The Hideout Community, call Lisa Green at or email her at lgreen thehideout. Registration Corner R evalidation is here and we have been very busy, even while the office has been temporarily shut down.

The Membership packets have been mailed out, however, the process will be conducted differently this year due to government mandates. The POA Office will now open on a staggered basis, by appointment only. Please call ext. The Member Information Form must be filled out. Please be sure to include: current vehicle registrations, student college IDs, permanent guest vehicle registrations, and pet registration form, if applicable. These forms are also. Please bear with us during renewal and revalidating this year as we change things up a bit in order to keep everyone safe during these uncertain and everchanging times.

My ladies, Barb, Kelly, and Melissa, as well as myself will always do our best for you, The Hideout membership. As we continue to navigate through these changing times, keep in mind that we are all in this together. We truly appreciate each one of you that have stayed with us and supported us through every change and closure by continuing to pick up take-out orders, coming in when you can, and offering kind words to the staff that work so hard every day.

I am grateful to have a staff that pushes forward through all new rules and regulations every time there is an update. They have stayed committed through our daily temperature checks, new cleaning procedures and are staying masked up while in the building. As additional changes are announced, we will be posting updates through email, Facebook, and our website.

Again, we thank you for your support and hope to see you soon! We have traded seasonal offerings for exciting new flavors, old favorites, and heartwarming classics. In addition, we have two big weekends on the horizon. Superbowl Sunday is February 7th!

We will be offering a similar menu to our current Football Sunday menu. Reservations will be required as seating is limited. We will also have a Superbowl Party to go. This menu package will feed 10 - 15 guests and can be picked up Sunday afternoon. Prepayment and scheduled pickup times will be required. The big screen will be set up to watch the game from the comfort of your car or pod, and there will be food and beverage sales from the Clubhouse for your convenience.

Parking for the outdoor tailgate is free and open to members in good standing. Join us for a celebration of love with your special someone, and let us handle the rest! Larry Frotten - Community Manager , ext. Hill, M. Completed Member Information form 2. ALL current vehicle registrations 3. Student college IDs 4. Permanent guest vehicle registrations 5. Pet registration form 6. Let's keep The Hideout beautiful! Articles must be submitted by the fifteenth of the month.

For advertising rates, contact Lisa Green at The Hideabout published monthly, serves over 4, Hideout property owners. The Editor reserves the right to reject any advertising or articles for publication. The Hideout is not responsible beyond the cost of advertising for any advertising errors. The advertiser does not have the right to reproduce the ad in any other place or publication.

Any concerns with ads placed in The Hideabout Newspaper must be addressed by the fifteenth of the month. Thank you. Your choice 50 bone-in or 5lbs boneless. Choice of 2 sauces on the side. For example, our various committees have been hard at work strategically organizing some really great improvements for the community this upcoming season.

Members should expect to see better signage, detailed trail maps, educational stations along the length of the trail, and stabilized portions of the trail that have historically been inundated with muddy conditions. A variety of different native flower seed packets have been obtained and when conditions look favorable for gardening activities to commence, an announcement will be made on where and when to go to obtain a free seed packet or two. Quantities will be limited and on a first come, first serve basis.

These composters will be used in conjunction with degradable trimmings collected from our kitchen staff. Educational signage will be put up so members can learn the process and how to start composting at their own residences. Is it a butterfly? At some point or reviewing a product known as Biochar, another while out in your which is carbon activated charcoal created garden or just enjoying in an oxygen free environment.

Here are often found in freshwater lakes. This allsome interesting facts natural method is gaining much attention about this hummingbird in the lakes management industry, and a look alike insect that pilot test is anticipated to be conducted you might not have for the season so as to determine its previously known: micronutrient removal effectiveness. Old Egg Mass Their findings did not recommend an aerial Old Egg Mass spray for the season but did include a proposal for a controlled fungal release at two high density areas.

The Board of Directors voted in favor of this proposal at the January 23rd community meeting and the effort will occur later this spring. The spores will specifically target Gypsy Moth caterpillars, significantly reducing their prevalence in the community. If you suspect SLF on your property, please contact the Environmental Manager by calling , ext. Two years ago, the State Legislature in Harrisburg created and funded the 2nd Judge position in Wayne County to handle a growing caseload.

A dedicated father of two, Meagher has been tireless in his. Matt volunteers his time on numerous community boards and committees, and especially enjoys coaching youth sports. Matt has all of the attributes to make a great Judge: patient, dignified, courteous and well-trained.

I am honored and excited to assist Matt in his campaign for Judge. Now I want to give back my experience and training in faithful service to this community.

The primary election will be held May 18th, Meagher will seek nominations from both the Republican and Democratic tickets. Email: jakescarpet gmail. Begin building your new Bennington with our product expert Jeremy Jones! With over models, 13 exterior and 6 interior colors both with endless accent combinations and tons of options for every type of boater, we encourage you to be inspired and create a Bennington that is uniquely yours!

We make sure you receive the highest level of personal attention you deserve to create the boat of your dreams! Looking to remodel, add vinyl siding or a roof to your home? We have the knowledge! We have the experience! Call for estimates Poor body alignment can often lead to chronic neck pain and unnecessary shoulder tension.

Hunching over while sitting at a desk working, slouching on the couch while watching TV, along with the head down position staring at devices are just a few very common examples of poor posture that negatively affect how our neck and shoulders may feel. When the weather gets cold, many of us, without recognizing it, adjust our posture to try to protect ourselves from the cold air. This usually means lowering your head forward and lifting up your shoulders, which places additional strain on the neck and shoulder muscles.

Something as simple as wearing a scarf or protective clothing can actually help avoid this position. This movement, in turn, causes a lot of tension on the shoulders.

If you notice that your shoulder or neck pain seems to be worse during these cold months, call your local physical therapist for an evaluation. The solution may be easier than you could imagine! Pledge of Allegiance. Further, all amounts unpaid shall be considered delinquent after March 31, , and subject to legal action. Board of Directors Comments: Andrew Miller instructed members attending the meeting who want to ask a question to either put it in the chat or use the raise hand feature.

All attendees should also provide their name and lot number. Informed members the meeting is recorded. There were no objections to the recording of the meeting. As of December 15, an additional 37 lots were paid in full for a total of 3, and an additional 26 lots are needed to be paid in full by the end of the year to meet the budget. On the cash side, The Hideout is doing well considering the circumstances. Motion made by Paul Spiese, seconded by Andrew Miller, and passed Motion made by Michael Terranova, seconded by Paul Spiese, and passed Attorney fees may.

This leaves an anticipated 1. Community Manager, Larry Frotten. Larry thanked members for their dues payments and for supporting The Hideout throughout the year. Ski Hill: The Ski Hill is a difficult operation because the temperatures are not constant to promote the minimum base of 24 inches of packed snow. The State is short-handed for inspections and the first date available is January 4th for projected opening date of January 9th weather permitting.

The next available inspection date is February Modifications are being made to the snow-making process. Maintenance: Maintenance is an excellent team acting as a cohesive unit. Stormwater repairs are complete for the year. Snow removal went well especially with a new crew. Efforts were made all night and next day with the snowfall. The Board was complimented for providing the necessary tools for more efficient work.

Maintenance is essential and staying fully operational. Take-out and delivery will be offered. Vehicles and radios are being set up for operations to begin tonight. Members were asked to please make a clear path for deliveries.

A system was instituted in the POA for most staff to work from home and stagger when office work is required. The building is closed to membership to accommodate this restriction.

Staff is still available to serve members and answering calls. Documents may be provided by e-mail, fax, mail, or left at the main gate. Permits may be picked-up at the main gate. Recreation: The gym is closed under the new restrictions. Merchandise shop is open and staff is rotating working the shop and working from home. Public Safety: Public Safety is essential and hours will be kept the same. Golf: Golf had the best season to date.

All other signs are prohibited unless approved by the committee. Signs, banners, flags, or portrayal of such, which are forms of advertising or imply advertising, are not allowed in the community. This includes political material, names, and companies, which clearly imply advertising.

All signs, with the exception of those displayed upon address posts, erected by or for the owner may not exceed square inches in size or be nearer than eight 8 feet to the edge of any Hideout roadway. Lighting for approved signs must be confined to illuminations of only the property in question. Motion to table made by Andrew Miller, seconded by Michael Terranova and passed Martin Luther King, Jr.

Through his religious teachings and social activism, Dr. King played a key role in the American Civil Rights Movement of the s and s. While Dr. King lived a good portion of his life in the public eye, many facts of his life are not widely known. In honor of his birthday and Black History Month, the following are some interesting and less publicized facts about Dr.

King was a prodigious student. Not only did he skip two grades and start college before formally graduating high school, but Dr. Though not a singer, Dr. King earned a posthumous Grammy Award nonetheless. In , Dr. Although people cannot readily find photographs of Dr.

It was. King was smoking a cigarette when he was fatally shot. King is remembered as an enthralling public speaker, he actually scored poorly in public speaking during his first year at seminary. Nichols was considering leaving, but Dr. They deserve our sincerest thanks. King narrowly escaped an assassination attempt on September 20, On that day, Dr. He barely survived. They often defined power and authority. Longevity has its place. I may not get there with you. But I want you to know tonight, that we, as a people, will get to the Promised Land.

President Ronald Reagan signed the bill in The only other American to earn this honor is George Washington. These committees generally make recommendations to the Board pertaining to the specific area. Ad-hoc committees, such as Governing Documents, are established by the Board as needed for specific projects and tasks.

When the task is complete, the committee is disbanded. Applications are available at the POA or on our website, www. Feel free to contact any member of the Board or Community Manager, at , ext. The Hideout App will give you information on events happening in our community. Members and guests of members, 7 years of age and older, MUST possess and display a current amenity badge at all times when using ANY of the amenities.

We are currently still working on our tubing lift, and it will remain closed for the time being. We did have a great first weekend but are always willing to make improvements. After evaluating operations this weekend, we have decided to make some adjustments to our reservation policy. Going forward, reservations will be required for groups needing rentals.

The Rental Shop opens an hour and a half before the Hill, and it is recommended that patrons needing rentals come as early as possible. Peak times are between a. You can expect an hour or more wait outside if you come between these times.

Please remember that rental equipment is your responsibility until it is properly returned to staff in the Rental Shop. We are still dealing with restrictions, for example the Ski Lodge is currently operating at a maximum capacity of 40 people, including staff. Our other buildings are still operating at reduced capacity, and we will all still be wearing masks, including in the lift line.

Due to the close contact of instructors and their students, lessons will not be offered this season. Chairs on the ski lift will be single riders only, with the exception of parent and child riders. The ice skating rink will be closed for the season, as we are using it as outdoor seating due to limited capacity indoors.

Reservations can be made by visiting The Hideout webpage and filling out the Reservation form or by emailing skihillreservations thehideout. Requests for February can be made beginning Monday, February 15 at a.

Please visit the website or Facebook page for up to date information. On the Ski Hill, if you cannot maintain a 6ft. Artthe Center. Nubia The Complex bunny lot. The Complex has a bunny slope with slope with magic carpet lift, three novice and magic carpet lift, three novice and intermediate trails, chair chair lift, snowtubing area with intermediate trails, lift, snowtubing magic lift. Wecarpet also have a We Rental Shop, area carpet with magic lift. Ski Lodge Office: , ext. Rental Returns beginning at pm.

Shop: ampm Rental returns beginning at pm. Rental returns beginning at p. Please email yourper request to: Please email your request to: skihillreservations thehideout. Confirmations be provided within Confirmations will will be provided within hours 24hours of request.

Tickets and Rentals will be purchased Tickets and Rentals will be purchased at Ticket at Ticket Window upon arrival for your Window upon arrival for your reserved session.

Rentals are not guaranteed. Helmets are not included in equipment rental. If you would like to announce your special event, e. John Ortola Owner operated Over 30 yrs. Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 3 - 8 p. Wednesday Closed Friday 3 - 9 p. Saturday 11 a. Sunday 11 a. Safely drop off your docs and go — with or without an appointment.

The model s represented in this publication is are for illustrative purposes only and in no way represent or endorse KidsPeace. Pickleball is a paddleball sport that combines elements of badminton, ping pong, and tennis in one fun, challenging and exciting sport.

Like tennis, two or four players use paddles to hit a ball over a net. Unlike tennis, pickleball paddles are solid and made out of wood or composite materials. Pickleball balls are similar to wiffle balls but have many more holes and bounce easier. The dimensions and layout of a pickleball court are also used for badminton courts that covers half of. This simulator is designed to develop your swing and improve your game.

Golfers receive precise biometric analyses in a private room and have a choice to golf over real life. Players on each side must let the ball bounce once before volleys are allowed, and there is a seven-foot no-volley zone on each side of the net, to prevent spiking.

The server continues to serve, alternating service courts, until he or she faults. The first side scoring eleven points and leading by at least two points wins. The Recreation Center offers free lessons on our indoor courts Fridays from p. Reservations can be made 24 hours in advance by calling the. Recreation office at Equipment is available to rent.

Learning the game of pickleball is a rewarding, exhilarating and competitive experience. We are finishing up our fall golf simulator league and our winter league is on the horizon. If you are interested in signing up, please contact our Recreation.

Cash prize for the best overall score! Our members Dale Conlon and Joe Cornet hold the top two spots out of twenty-one participants. Way to go, Dale and Joe! Both gentlemen have golfed extremely well and it will be a tight race for first place.

The Recreation Center is gearing up with some fresh new apparel. So come in and take a look at some of the new Hideout Merchandise for sale. We are also gearing up for an amazing new year at The Hideout. I encourage community members to keep their eyes open for some new programs, as they will be very beneficial to the community.

We are adding some new fitness equipment such as brand-new treadmills. We have two top of the line commercial treadmills ordered and will be a great positive addition to our Fitness Center. Another new piece of equipment is a sanitizing fogging machine. With this unit we are able to sanitize the whole Recreation Center efficiently and effectively.

Gearing up for the future We have several ideas for new future programs, events, and amenity spaces. We are currently preparing our future budget so we can implement things. With that being said we are always looking for ideas and community member input. I hope everybody is off to a great new year and I look forward to a lot of positive changes in the Recreation Department. February Recreation Activities Mon. March Recreation Activities Mon. Preliminary Budget By April 1st of each year, the Community Manager shall prepare preliminary budgets, as designated below, for the next succeeding calendar year, to be presented to a Budget Committee for its review and recommendations.

The Budget Committee shall review each of the preliminary budgets as submitted to make its recommendations, if any, as it deems necessary in the best interests of the Association, so that each of the preliminary budgets shall be submitted by the Budget Committee along with any recommendations to the Board by June 15 of each calendar year.

The proposed budgets, after submission to the Board for review, modification, and approval, and prior to being adopted and accepted as final budgets by the Board, shall be incorporated into a single Proposed Budget and published for a period of not less than thirty 30 days to allow the members of the Association an opportunity to review same and to comment thereon, either at hearings held therefor or through such other means as the Board may determine.

Preliminary Budget By June 1 of each year, the Community Manager shall prepare preliminary budgets, as designated below, for the next succeeding calendar year, to be presented to a Budget Committee for its review and recommendations. The Budget Committee shall review each of the preliminary budgets as submitted to make its recommendations, if any, as it deems necessary in the best interests of the Association, so that each of the preliminary budgets shall be submitted by the Budget Committee along with any recommendations to the Board by June 30 of each calendar year.

In all elections, each member in good standing is entitled to one 1 vote per Lot multiplied by the number of Directors to be elected. Only one vote per Director per ballot is allowed. There is no requirement that all votes to which a member is entitled be cast; however, any ballot with more than one vote per Director or more votes than the number of open positions will be disqualified. The person s receiving the most votes will be elected to the vacant position s.

Three 3 members in good standing elected by the membership at the Annual Meeting. In the event that all three 3 positions are not thereby filled, the remaining positions shall be appointed by majority vote of the Board of Directors for member s in good standing who are not currently serving on the Board.

Such appointment s shall be made within sixty 60 days of the Annual Meeting. Two 2 members, currently serving as Directors, shall be appointed by the Board. The Board shall make these appointments within sixty 60 days of the Annual Meeting. Said Chair shall not be a Director.

Amended March 31, c Candidates for election to the Board of Directors shall be nominated: i. Petition, as hereinafter provided. All candidates seeking such nomination must sign the Affidavit approved by the Board of Directors on November 19, and shall abide by the stipulations therein.

The Secretary shall certify the validity of all signatures. All candidates by petition must sign the Affidavit approved by the Board of Directors on November 19, and shall abide by the stipulations therein. Candidates by petition shall be accorded the same privileges as those nominated by the Nominating Committee.

The added candidates names shall appear last on the ballots, and they. The qualifications of all candidates shall be printed and distributed to the membership prior to or simultaneously with the mailing of the Election Packet, described herein. Three 3 members in good standing shall be elected by the membership at the Annual Meeting.

The Board shall make this appointment within sixty 60 days of the Annual Meeting. By the Nominating Committee; ii. Appointment by Nominating Committee. All candidates seeking such nomination must, at the time they submit their personal statement of candidacy, sign the background check release, and also the Affidavit approved by the Board of Directors on November 19, and must abide by the stipulations therein.

A candidate will be officially recognized only when all requirements are met. All candidates seeking such nomination by petition must, at the time they file their petition with the secretary, sign a background check release and also the candidate Affidavit approved by the Board of Directors on November 19, and must abide by the stipulations therein.

All candidates appointed by the Nominating Committee must, at the time of their appointment, sign a background check release and also the candidate Affidavit approved by the Board of Directors on November 19, and must abide by the stipulations therein.

The member s at the time of their initial registration, and each subsequent annual registration, shall be asked to specify, in writing, which type of voting method they prefer.

The Executive Assistant shall be notified of the choice to facilitate member notifications mailings and allow for verification of non-duplicate voting.

Each completed ballot shall be placed in the supplied Ballot envelope and sealed by the voting member; there shall be only one 1 ballot per Ballot envelope. This envelope shall not be written on or marked in any way.

Any markings thereon shall invalidate the ballot therein, as shall any other item in the Ballot envelope, including additional ballots; specifically, because of the verification procedures hereinafter set forth, the inclusion of more than one ballot in a Ballot envelope shall disqualify the return.

Clarification is made to the candidate process to insure that all candidates are in compliance with the requirements in a timely manner to ensure eligibility for inclusion on the election ballot.

The two Board of Directors as voting members of the Nominating Committee was changed to one nonvoting liaison to avoid any perception of favoritism in the election process.

All in Favor. Fillable Permits are now on Hideout website and to date have been used with good result. He opined that this would make the process faster and more efficient for the homeowner. Dennis explained that one reason is to hold the homeowner responsible for assuring that the permit is picked up and properly posted, however, it is something we can look into going forward.

New Business: 1. Stormwater issues: Dennis explained that stormwater should be an issue that is not only addressed by the Public Works Committee but in the ECC as well as the committee will be addressing impermeable surfaces as part of the permit process in the future. He went on to explain that many ditches and swales through the community are undeveloped and the Maintenance staff has done a great job around the community addressing this issue.

He went on to explain that he has developed a program with the Maintenance Supervisor and Project Manager to continue improvements over time, deepening swales and replacing culverts for a fee.

They discussed what happens to stormwater run-off as the community continues to develop and reaches capacity…we should have a plan to address. This session would address what the community has already done regarding stormwater and could include a cross-section of experts i. Date and time of this session TBD. Private Session: A short private session was held at the request of the Chairperson. It was suggested that The Hideout phone directory be printed closer to the front of The Hideabout if space allows.

Lisa offered and the committee agreed to have the phone directory added in the listing on the front cover of The Hideabout so it is easier to find. It has been brought to the attention of the committee that many members are upset that there is not going to be any refund for pool passes issued last year and were unable to use them because of the pandemic. We will contact John Boandl and request further information regarding this. Since there are so many new members to The Hideout, it was suggested that Registration issue a procedure for renewing since the POA Office might still be closed and that this should be prominently posted in the February issue of The Hideabout.

There needs to be better signage at the North Gate directing visitors to enter from Avoy Road instead of Northgate Road. Lou will check on this. We discussed the possibility of establishing a way to help members of our community that are in need and to involve the membership in meeting those needs, all in an effort to promote The Hideout as a great place to live. Lisa has advised that advertising in The Hideabout has increased and would ask that when you patronize one of the advertisers, you let them know you saw the ad in The Hideabout.

Meeting adjoined at p. The group said the pledge of allegiance to open the meeting. Sickness and Distress. The Woodworkers have sent him a condolence card. Rafael Fernandez was transferred to a facility in Honesdale where he can get better care for his needs. Correspondence Andy Vuolo is doing well up in Rochester.

Prior Meeting Minutes. The meeting minutes were accepted and seconded for the report as read. The report was accepted and seconded as read. Old Business: Indoor golf started on schedule. Ken Wenz will coordinate the wood workers signup sheet with Rec so they know who will be there and when.

We put on a new guard for the circular saw. Sign-up to receive emails or texts on a variety of subjects by subscribing to our e-newsletters. Sign Up Recruitment for advisory boards and commissions closes Jan. The quality of projects was high, and made for difficult decisions. White Trail, which was damaged extensively in the Flood, has a new expanded parking lot and trailhead. The trail has been closed since it suffered severe damage in the flood.

This ordinance governs licensing of Smoke may be visible northwest of Boulder. County Commissioners to hear e-bike pilot study results and staff recommendations Entries for random drawing due Sunday, Nov. Entries are due by Sunday, Nov. There is no charge for these programs, but pre-registration is required. October 26, Nederland Mining Museum closed Sunday. Tuesday, Oct. Written comments may be submitted using an online form. October 9, Slash pile burns may begin Thursday, Oct.

Slash pile burning scheduled this fall through Families are invited to enjoy an evening of haunted tales and mythical creatures, with Rocky Mountain Storyteller Wynn Inviting farmers and ranchers of all scales and production systems September 25, First open house scheduled in Longmont Wednesday, Oct. Environmental Protection Agency EPA has proposed removing requirements that oil and gas producers limit Friday, Oct.

The report highlights perspectives, opinions, and testimonies of older adults, professionals, and advocates serving older adults in Boulder County. This is the Come and celebrate the diversity found in Boulder County. Heatherwood Drive, and Ashfield Visitors can enjoy the rural surroundings and views of the mountains while learning about old-fashioned jobs and the traditional arts and crafts that went into making what was needed for life down on the farm.

Training takes place Friday, Sept. They cover statewide and local climate strategies, energy generation, energy efficiency, transportation, fossil fuel extraction activities, and solid waste reduction.

Call the enrollment line at , or email hsenrollment bouldercounty. Images of course maps and detour routes linked The preserve will be closed completely during active ignition days. July 16, The 9-month moratorium will allow staff time to research and draft changes to Article 12 of the Land Use Code in light of the local government authority clarified and expanded by Senate Bill July 11, North side will remain open and accessible through the Picture Rock trailhead.

Water supply project will keep trail In its filing, Crestone requests money damages against the county. The Nederland Mining Museum offers The kiosk is available during store hours, typically 5 a. Written comments are due by noon on May 29 to be considered ahead of June 3 public hearing. The Oct. Class size is limited, so register today! Boulder County Commissioners will take public comment on a proposal to amend the transition plan for genetically-modified GM crops on Boulder County agricultural land.

Bonus solar rebates available during month of May. The service is free and anonymous with no questions asked. A section of the Cradleboard Trail Research shows that chronic isolation Participants can win awards for heaviest rainbow trout, most experienced oldest angler, best fishing hat, and first to catch the limit.

Training takes place April Registration now open! Training date Sunday, April You will meet once per week typically after school, evenings or weekend hours, for one year. Online sign-ups for speaker slots available. Find available resources, and potential impacts on some of the services and benefits that Boulder County helps deliver to our community.

The County Commissioners have also adopted a set of 5-year strategic priorities. Four options exist for anyone who wants to help. The application Travel back in time Senior and aging adults are encouraged to participate. Boulder County Registrants are invited to attend information sessions a week in advance Registration opens Wednesday, Sept.

Circles is a proven program that helps end poverty -- one family at a time. All vehicle traffic will shift to the Longmont-bound travel lanes A few details Administration for Check out the list of offerings now and get to a local dealer to take advantage of the discounts. The fire restrictions are in place due to increasing fire danger, lack of moisture, and forecasts for hot temperatures. Vrain Creek Restoration Celebration June 12 June 7, Boulder County will host a ribbon cutting ceremony starting at noon on Tuesday, June 12, to mark the completion of Sign up today!

The awards honor innovative, The event is designed for Boulder County residents who provide care for older relatives, partners or friends. Members of the public are welcome and encouraged to attend. Classes begin May 1. Paul Chinowsky, founder of Resilient Analytics, shares that climate change is projected to impact all aspects of daily life in Boulder County including impacts on infrastructure, human health, energy demands, and forest lands.

Application deadline April Boulder County Commissioners to receive These grants will provide up to April Take a pledge to waste less food! Boulder County CourthouseCommissioners' These events are free and open to the public, though registration is required, as space is limited. Vrain Road should be expected. Take a selfie or a photo with friends or family on county open space, and upload it to social media with BoCoSpringOut. Boulder County Boulder County is proud to Online applications will be accepted until Tuesday, Feb.

The nextmeeting is scheduled for February 21, Pastagendas, minutes and video recordings are available on thewebpage. Sign Up Washers and dryers donated to Boulder County Circles families in need December 21, Washers and dryers donated to Boulder County Circles families in need Making the holidays a little brighter for ten local families - The Boulder Join us for an Open House in Longmont Thurs.

The budget includes a temporary mill levy credit — or decrease in tax rate for the Boulder County portion of property taxes. Nearly 60 positions are open to be filled. Apply by Jan. View it as a Web page Vrain Creek restoration project to cause road delays on Hygiene Road beginning Nov.

Vrain Road - The St. Vrain Creek Reach 3 stream restoration project is underway at Hall Ranch will be closed completely during and smoke may be visible west of Lyons. A reception for the exhibit will be held on Friday, Oct. View the new recycling guidelines and increase your recycling today! Visit the www. NEWS Sept. Vrain Road flood recovery project starts Monday, Aug.

This free program is designed for Boulder Catfish Night will The museum offers a glimpse into the world SEMA will Registration Open! April 4, Soggy conditions have delayed work and postponed the reopening of the open space property near Hygiene - Work delays and concerns for trail, located just west of Longmont, to April 26 at More information about the site can be found at www.

Expect travel delays in all directions from March 13 - 17 — A culvert Recipients include the following communities in Boulder County Training class April 6. People want to This free service assists residents Boulder County News. Boulder County News Releases. Browse all current news releases and use the tabs to find news from past years. Boulder County residents can sign up with a provider, such a hospital or pharmacy, for a vaccine appointment. Mobility for All, March Newsletter This Boards and Commissions training course will begin March 23 and end on April 8, Classes will take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays p.

Annual RetreatSaturday, March 6, at a. The is undergoing review by The business must demonstrate that it has implemented all of the required public health measures to help protect customers and staff from contracting COVID and be inspected by a program representative. Boulder County Health Coverage Guides are available Mobility for All, February Newsletter Easy app to fill out! Deadline for businesses to apply is 5 p.

Biden issues a directive to undo the rule. Thanks to a partnership with the hospitals and healthcare providers in Boulder County, there is a network of organizations ready to provide the vaccine as soon as they have doses to give.

January 8, Businesses must have begun operating prior to March 26, The online application website is open until 5 p. Successful grantees will receive the grant award on or before Feb. Boulder County is recruiting individuals to fill vacancies on various advisory boards and commissions.

We are currently recruiting for more than The Weekend Woodworker Projects Quizlet 30 open volunteer positions on topics ranging from aging services and community action programs to mosquito control and CSU Extension services. Mobility for All, January Newsletter Sign Up. Recruitment for advisory boards and commissions closes Jan. Washers and dryers donated to Boulder County Circles families in need December 21, Washers and dryers donated to Boulder County Circles families in need Making the holidays a little brighter for ten local families - The Boulder Boulder County shelters plan for snowstorm event for individuals experiencing homelessness March 10, Shelter providers increase outreach and outline an emergency weather plan for services during snowstorm -- Homeless Solutions for Boulder Phase 1B.

Boulder County Planning Commission agenda for March 17, March 4, Planning Commission public meeting will be held virtually starting at 3 p.

Air commission adopts landmark rule to cut methane from oil and gas pneumatic devices February 19, Boulder County joins in local government, environmental group, and industry collaboration that led the way Denver, Colo.

Revised Boulder County Planning Commission agenda for February 17, February 12, Planning Commission public meeting will be held virtually starting at 2 p. Transportation Projects Open House on Feb. Street Drugs in Boulder County Found to Contain Fentanyl February 8, For those who may not have seen it, this is a repeat of the press release in English that was sent Soil Revolution Conference Virtual Presentations Available for Free Viewing February 4, Local producers, researchers, and organizations highlight projects focused on improving soil health.

Boulder County Planning Commission agenda for February 17, February 3, Planning Commission public meeting will be held virtually starting at 2 p. Prairie dog management on county open space: annual public meeting Wednesday, Feb. Cone Zones: 71st Street construction requires roadway closure Feb. Open enrollment period closing for better or lower-cost health coverage January 13, Deadline to sign-up is Friday, Jan. Recruitment for Boulder County advisory boards and commissions is underway January 6, Deadline to apply: Jan Boulder County awards sustainability grants to local communities January 5, Grants will support projects that tackle climate change and advance sustainability initiatives Boulder County, Colo.

News Releases for will load here January 4, For news releases for or earlier, please use the tabs above to search for topics by year. Slash pile burning scheduled for this winter at Hall Ranch when conditions allow. Boulder County to test a four-day work week pilot program for some services December 22, For the first four months of , roughly one-third of Boulder County offices and departments will try out a Monday Deadline for small businesses to apply for supplies is Dec.

Boulder County programs seek holiday donations December 14, Donations are being sought to help ensure as many children and families as possible can share in the joy of the season. Boulder County Health Coverage Guides are here to help! Fire restrictions rescinded for western Boulder County December 2, Increased relative humidity, cooler temperatures and shorter days have decreased fire danger Boulder County, Colo. Board of County Commissioners Dec. Boulder County releases staff report including 3rd draft regulations in advance of Dec.

Boulder County approves funding to support businesses in Lyons and Nederland November 23, County Commissioners approve funds to help support local, small business in Lyons and Nederland adversely impacted by the COVID pandemic Regional partnership leads to more Public Open Space in Superior November 20, Boulder and Jefferson Counties have partnered with the Town of Superior to permanently protect acres.

Registration and advance speaker sign-up open for Dec. Colorado Restaurant Association to host webinar on Restore Colorado pilot program November 17, Colorado Restaurant Association to host webinar on Restore Colorado pilot program Restore Colorado confronts climate change by building connections between agricultural and restaurant communities to incentivize regenerative East Boulder County cyclists invited to Nov.

Boulder County Planning Commission agenda for November 18, November 11, Planning Commission public meeting will be held virtually starting at p. Boulder County Open Space Closures remain in place due to extreme fire danger November 5, Closure will remain in place at least through Sunday, Nov.

Registration open for Nov. Boulder County Community Justice Services receives two grants from the Federal Bureau of Justice Assistance to provide intensive case management and reentry services October 30, Funding will aid individuals at the county jail with mental health disorders and expand services to address all substance use Disaster Assistance Center opens for those affected by local wildfires October 23, Assistance Center Opening for Boulder County Fire-Impacted Residents Virtual disaster assistance center can connect those who were evacuated with a range of services.

Nederland Sort Yard to reopen Wednesday, Oct. Boulder County releases 2nd draft of updated oil and gas regulations for public review October 20, Public Hearings for review of draft regulations to begin November 9 - Boulder County has released a second draft of Level 2 fire restrictions are now in effect for all areas of unincorporated Boulder County October 12, Sheriff Joe Pelle has amended the Level 2 Fire Restrictions, effective immediately, Monday, Oct.

Statement on error found in City of Louisville ballots, no impact to voters October 11, Statement on error found in City of Louisville ballots - No impact to voters — It was discovered that City of Louisville Second round of Emergency Relief Grants available to unincorporated county businesses October 9, Segunda ronda de Subsidios de Ayuda de Emergencia disponible para Empresas del Condado no incorporadas.

Commissioners add their support for transgender people having equitable access to homeless shelters and transitional housing services October 6, The Boulder County Commissioners support Transgender people and stand behind our local non-profits as they take a stance against the discriminatory U. Cradleboard Trail detour begins Thursday, Oct.

Commissioners take positions on local and statewide ballot measures September 29, Based on input from our policy team -- in addition to our own deliberations on each of the ballot issues considered -- we have taken positions on two local and nine statewide ballot measures that county voters will see on the ballot during the election cycle.

Boulder County Elections releases Election Security Community Briefing September 16, The Election Security Community Briefing aims to educate voters and other stakeholders about the work Boulder County Elections is doing to identify and mitigate the Weekend Woodworking Projects 2021 constantly evolving threats to election security and how we are partnering with federal and state agencies, as well as the private sector, to continuously strengthen our security posture. Construction begins on new community of affordable homes in downtown Longmont September 11, Construction Beginning on New Community of Affordable Homes in Downtown Longmont Four-party partnership to provide much-needed housing stability close to jobs, Boulder County Planning Commission agenda for September 16, September 9, Planning Commission public meeting will be held virtually starting at p.

Boulder County Public Health provides guidance for participating in sports September 3, Participating in sports and recreation provides physical and mental health benefits, but is not without risk when COVID is still Public invited to participate in the formation of the Boulder County Budget September 3, The Boulder County Commissioners will hold public meetings with the Office of Financial Management staff from September to November to consider budget requests from county departments and offices.

Family dogs found playing with bat; bat tests positive for rabies August 31, An important reminder to all pet owners to be sure their dogs, cats, and ferrets are up-to-date on rabies vaccinations Ozone reaches dangerous levels August 26, Ozone reaches dangerous levels Air pollution threatens the health of Boulder County residents Boulder County, CO - Extraordinarily high levels of ground-level ozone were recorded in Emergency concrete repairs on South Boulder Road start Aug.

Agreement establishes shared vision for forestry efforts across Boulder County August 13, - Federal, state, and local governments joined with non-profit entities in Boulder County today to establish a shared vision for Boulder County Planning Commission agenda for August 19, August 12, Planning Commission public meeting will be held virtually starting at p. Partners for a Clean Environment launches Small Business Equity Program August 10, Program provides grants for food service equipment and lighting upgrades for small businesses — Boulder County, in partnership with the Recruitment for Boulder County advisory boards and commissions closes Aug.

Boulder County Commissioners vote to support a comprehensive set of climate action policies for August 4, The policies cover statewide and local climate strategies, energy generation, energy efficiency, transportation, fossil fuel extraction activities, and solid waste Boulder County Elections to conduct candidate lot drawing for General Election August 4, Ballot positions will be determined on Aug.

Public land agencies remind visitors to exercise caution amid high fire risks July 30, Five Colorado open space agencies continue to remind Front Range community members to practice responsible recreation as high temperatures and low humidity have helped to spark recent wildfires across the area. Federal appellate court deals victory for improved air quality in Boulder County July 10, Boulder County, CO — Today a federal appellate court dealt a victory to Boulder County and other proponents of improved July virtual workshops on accessing transportation options using smartphone applications July 10, Boulder County Mobility for All M4A offers virtual workshops on accessing transportation options using smartphone applications July virtual workshops are free, Forecast for hot temperatures and low humidity has increased fire danger July 10, Sheriff Joe Pelle has enacted Level 2 Fire Restrictions, effective at noon on Friday, July 10, for western Boulder County.

Boulder County is recruiting for advisory board and commission members July 9, Boulder County invites residents to voice opinions, provide guidance to county government. Boulder County Planning Commission agenda for July 15, July 8, Planning Commission public meeting will be held virtually starting at p. Boulder County census team collaborates with Foothills Zonta Club June 22, Youth make a difference through advocacy and civic engagement in census - The Boulder County census team and Foothills Boulder County Public Health seeking residents potentially exposed to COVID at recent events June 12, Multiple residents who tested positive for the virus report attending large parties and a local protest march.

Revised Boulder County Planning Commission agenda for June 17, June 10, Planning Commission public meeting will be held virtually starting at p. Be cautious of algal blooms in lakes and ponds this summer June 10, New report on energy use in Boulder County cannabis cultivation facilities June 9, New report sheds light on energy use in Boulder County cannabis cultivation facilities Reducing the environmental impact of the cannabis industry is Boulder County Planning Commission agenda for June 17, June 3, Planning Commission public meeting will be held virtually starting at p.

Fire restrictions updated for unincorporated Boulder County June 2, The change better aligns Boulder County with our partners at the USFS so that we have the same level of fire restrictions on their land as well as on land in unincorporated Boulder County. Boulder County Commissioners reaffirm anti-racism stance and support peaceful protest June 1, As white local elected leaders, we believe it is our obligation and duty to explicitly affirm that Black Lives Matter, Boulder County to Reopen Additional In-Person Services to the Public May 28, Beginning June 1, additional Boulder County services will be reopening in-person to the public with new health and safety guidelines in place.

Boulder County Public Health extends facial covering order May 22, The Boulder County Board of Health has approved an extension of the Boulder County Public Health Order requiring face coverings for every person older than 12 years old whenever in public anywhere in Boulder County that social distancing of six feet cannot be maintained.

Parking near Boulder-area mountain open space locations is extremely limited May 21, Boulder County Planning Commission agenda for May 20, May 7, Planning Commission public meeting will be held virtually starting at p.

Resource Conservation Division launches P3 Pesticides Campaign May 7, Boulder County This campaign aims to inspire awareness of alternate pest management methods and to reduce the use of pesticides Boulder County to require face coverings beginning May 9 to help reduce the spread of COVID May 4, Beginning May 9, every person older than 12 years old will be required to wear a face covering when in public anywhere in Boulder County where social distancing of 6 feet cannot be maintained.

Boulder County Assessor to mail property appraisal information for new construction — May 1 April 29, Boulder County Assessor to mail property appraisal information - May 1 property value notices will be mailed to owners of Most Boulder County buildings to remain closed to the public through May 31 April 23, With limited exceptions, Boulder County buildings and facilities will remain closed to the public until June 1 in response to Colorado Gov.

Stay on trail and walk through mud. South Boulder Road concrete panel replacement project starts April 13 April 10, Crews will reduce east- and westbound South Boulder Road to one lane at various times and locations - Boulder County Boulder County Planning Commission agenda for April 15, April 8, Planning Commission will hold its April 15th public meeting virtually starting at 2 p.

Update Regarding Building Inspections April 7, Virtual inspections now available for selected building projects - Boulder County is continuing to adjust our processes and procedures in Boulder County Youth Corps deadline extended for teens to apply for summer jobs.

Parks and Open Space managers urge visitors not to crowd outdoor areas and to follow all rules and regulations March 27, Boulder County and municipal trails are seeing record crowds as statewide stay-at-home order restricts many activities. Red Hill and Rabbit Mountain elk herd management plans presented for approval at March 30 virtual public meeting March 20, Red Hill and Rabbit Mountain elk herd management plans presented for commissioner approval at Monday, March 30, virtual public meeting Public Boulder County trails see increase in visitation.

Nederland and Allenspark Transfer Stations moving to limited operations effective Immediately. Boulder County Government Closures and Cancelations due to COVID March 15, While Boulder County will remain open to provide necessary services to county residents, many buildings and offices will be closed to the public and some services will be accessible by phone or online only. Boulder County encourages participation in the Census March 10, The Boulder County Commissioners proclaim the importance of the Census for local federal funding and representation.

Boulder County is closely monitoring and responding to COVID Coronavirus March 6, Boulder County is actively monitoring the COVID outbreak and has plans, partnerships, and resources in place to support the community as concerns continue to rise around the novel coronavirus, especially now that several cases have been confirmed in Colorado.

Boulder County draft oil and gas regulations available for public review March 6, Boulder County has released the first draft of its updated oil and gas regulations and welcomes public input and comments. Boulder County Commissioners extend oil and gas moratorium March 2, At a public hearing on March 2, the Board considered a staff presentation and written input from the public in determining to extend the moratorium from its previous end date of March Fourmile Canyon Drive cycling restrictions lifted February 24, The remaining flood recovery-related construction has been suspended until temperatures are more suitable to complete the remaining work, most likely in May Red Hill and Rabbit Mountain elk herd management plan drafts released for public review.

Board of Boulder County Commissioners to Consider Oil and Gas Moratorium Extension February 19, Staff proposes revised schedule for updating oil and gas regulations that stretches beyond March 28, moratorium end date.

Floodplain Partners pilot program applications due Feb. Boulder County to screen insurance companies for investments in clean energy vs. Volunteer Tour Guides and House Docents Needed at the Agricultural Heritage Center February 12, Volunteer tour guides and farmhouse docents teach visitors about the agricultural history of Boulder County between and Seasonal flu is more of a concern than novel coronavirus February 12, Currently the risk to most Coloradans from novel coronavirus is low, and the health care system in Colorado is prepared to promptly identify, evaluate, and respond to any possible cases.

Boulder County Planning Commission agenda for Feb. Irrigation ditch burns scheduled for this winter and spring January 17, - Boulder County Fire Management Program will conduct irrigation ditch and agricultural burns on county open space lands this winter Boulder County Commissioners deliver State of the County address January 14, Boulder County Commissioners celebrate achievements of the past year, look ahead to a productive with a focused internal restructuring Commissioner County Commissioners sign letter of support to continue resettlement of refugees in Boulder County January 7, County Commissioners sign letter of support to continue resettlement of refugees in Boulder County Boulder County has a long history of Boulder County purchases building in Lafayette for consolidated county services January 7, Boulder County purchases building in Lafayette Purchase will support consolidated services in southeast Boulder County Jan.

Prairie dog management on county open space — annual public meeting Tuesday, Jan. Anne U. Floodplain Partners pilot program seeking volunteer property owners for possible home elevation, relocation, or buy-out assistance November 21, Property owners interested in volunteering for the pilot program are encouraged to complete an online interest survey to help the county learn more.

Full closure of North 95th Street on Saturday, Nov. Early registration deadline Thursday, Dec. Heil Valley Ranch closed for prescribed burn on Sunday, Nov. Post-Election Unofficial Preliminary Results November 7, Next unofficial results update will be released after 8-day cure and military ballots due date — The Boulder County Elections Boulder County subscribes to planned solar garden November 7, Jack's Solar Garden is set to be the largest commercial agrivoltatics system in the U.

Cut-your-own Christmas tree sale! Deadline Oct. Nederland Mining Museum closed Sunday, Oct. New study finds acute health impacts exist up to feet from oil and gas operations October 17, Study findings will be considered as Boulder County works to update current regulations - The Colorado Department of Public Health Training Course Helps Family Caregivers Gain Confidence and Skills October 15, Course is for family caregivers of older adults and teaches them skills to care for their loved ones with confidence Public invited to comment on Recommended Budget October 11, A public hearing on the Boulder County Recommended Budget will take place at 2 p.

Wood pile burns may begin this Thursday, Oct. Better understand the effects of poverty in Boulder County — Participate in a poverty simulation Saturday, Oct.

Joint study session on telecommunications planning topics October 2, Board of County Commissioners and Planning Commission to hold study session on Tuesday, Oct. Boulder County to test ballots and equipment for upcoming election September 27, Logic and Accuracy Test to take place beginning Oct. Boulder County to present e-bike pilot study research results and e-bike recommendations.

Boulder County purchases final parcel of the Loukonen-Dairy Farm north of Boulder September 25, This acquisition completes an agreement initiated in for acres of pristine wildlife habitat and agricultural land located along the North Foothills Highway. Boulder County issues statements on recent oil and gas court rulings September 24, Boulder County's statements on recent oil and gas court rulings Boulder County to appeal rulings in lawsuit against Crestone Peak Resources Boulder County Elections Division seeks input on Voter Service Center locations for September 20, Boulder County Elections is working now to identify up to three new Voter Service Centers for and are reviewing our most recently used facilities.

Save the Date 2 p. Tularemia Found in Rabbit in Lafayette September 13, - A rabbit found in Lafayette in the block of 95th Street has tested positive.

Level 1 fire restrictions rescinded for western Boulder County September 11, Lower temperatures and additional moisture have decreased the fire danger - Today, just before 3 p. Multicultural Awards Banquet Oct. Boulder County Planning Commission agenda for Wed. Board of Equalization now offers online appeals for property owners August 23, Boulder County property owners who disagree with their Notice of Determination can electronically file an appeal with the Board of Equalization BOE and schedule a hearing online.

Wildfire Partners reaches milestone achievement in th wildfire mitigation assessment August 20, Boulder County program offers wildfire mitigation assistance to mountain homeowners - Wildfire Partners performed its th wildfire mitigation assessment in Boulder Boulder County Commissioners vote to support a comprehensive set of climate action policies for August 13, Policy priorities represent steps to be taken at the state and federal level, in partnership with local governments, to enable Colorado and its communities to lead in protecting the climate.

Trip Tracker Program empowers elementary students and staff to make a positive impact in the community August 12, Participants from eight St. Head Start now enrolling additional children for Lafayette locations August 2, Boulder County Head Start has openings for new enrollment at their Lafayette locations for the school year beginning Aug. Ironman Boulder Boulder County hosts lake flood repair project open house Wednesday, July 31, in Longmont. Commissioners issue proclamation declaring a Climate Emergency July 24, Boulder County joins hundreds of jurisdictions in declaring a climate emergency - The Boulder County Board of County Commissioners joined hundreds Guardrail work on Lee Hill Drive requires daytime road closures and fulltime bicycling restrictions July 24, The road will be closed to all travel from 8 a.

Recruitment now underway for Land Use advisory boards and commissions July 18, Boulder County invites residents to voice opinions, provide guidance - Boulder County is recruiting residents to volunteer to serve on advisory County commissioners keep moratorium in place on new oil and gas development applications and seismic testing.

Recruitment now underway for advisory boards and commissions July 10, Boulder County invites residents to voice opinions, provide guidance - Boulder County is seeking volunteers who would like to voice their

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