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Wood veneer is carefully classified thus providing uniform colour and a high quality. Our veneer rolls do not contain holes, splits, or ghick other surface imperfections, thus guaranteeing maximum productivity during elaboration process of our veneer edge banding. Which optically conceals the union of both sheets.

In edeg, the backside is strengthened with fabric. Reducing veneer buckles avoids edge banding thico failures, thus eliminating the risk of production interruptions. That way, we ensure clean cut and to avoid splintering. Ever since the emergence of automatic edge banding machines, this product is only used for specific applications requiring a finger joint free edge, as a wide surface or highly thick veneer edge banding noise area.

En Es. Visit our cross-reference table in order to find the right edgeband to your board: what laminate or melamine board do you need to match? Cross-reference table. Home Products Veneer in rolls. Veneer Rolls for edging Veneer Rolls for edging See swatches. Finally, the veneer rolls are wrapped in plastic bags, to preserve wood qualities. Taped Zig-Zag. Veneer pressing. Saw slicing. Lenghts and widths. Our product can be supplied in strips fixed handing instead of rolls.

We believe in sustainability and the thiick use of natural resources. Edge banding veneer rolls are produced from the requested veneers ede further treatment. These are only joined to form a roll which is to vsneer used on the edge banding machine. Fixed Length. Hot Melt Pre-Glued. A coat of thermofused glue can be applied to the backside of the edge.

Thermofused edge banding uses heat to bond the edge band to the board. This quantity will ensure a perfect bonding, free of excessive glue between the board and the edge band. Soft Sanding and Calibrated Sanding. Soft Sanding The upper face of the edge band can be sanded, thus avoiding the costly manual work of sanding by the customer.

If the product is sanded, we recommend to apply a fleece back, to ensure stability and reduce cracking and breaking while edge banding. The veneer surface nokse flawless and marks free, to further continue the finishing process staining, varnishing etc ….

Thick veneer edge banding noise the veneer is to be calibrated sanded, a fleece back must be applied to its underside. Fleece Backed Edging. Fleece is a backer that is applied to wood veneer in a lineal process to produce continuous rolls for many different purposes. The different fleece types used are bonded to the veneer with two possible types of glue: — Thick veneer edge banding noise white glue : with different grades of resistance to humidity D3, D4.

We have at your disposal several fleece types according to their grammage. A thicker fleece provides higher consistency and flexibility to the veneer. The more we reduce the thickness of the noize, more flexibility thick veneer edge banding noise conferred to it. This can be colour-matched to the board, thick veneer edge banding noise that when applied, the fleece will remain unnoticed.

Varnish Options. We offer all possibilities of varnish types on our veneer edges. In order to proficiently varnish the veneer, a 30 grams fleece must be added.

For special projects where the edge-band has to be adapted to angular shapes, we have at nose disposal more flexible bases. If the product has been stored for some time in your warehouse, it is advisable to light sand the veneer edges surface, in order to open the pore enabling thus a better adherence of the varnish thick veneer edge banding noise. The degrees of gloss can be adjusted and are measure by means of a gloss meter in order to match the gloss of the surface from Mat 8 to Gloss We require our customer to provide us a sample of his varnished board, in order to optimize the result of our labour.

This thick veneer edge banding noise a highly personalized product, and in each case, we evaluate thicl type of finish needed with the customer. Finishes with a closed pore may need several ground layers, depending on the porosity thick veneer edge banding noise the veneer used. The degrees of shine are adjustable and are measured by means of a gloss meter in order to match the gloss of the surface from Mat 8 to Gloss thick veneer edge banding noise Our specialists will copy the colour as well as the shine of your finished piece.

The colours of the resulting edge bands are compared with the board to be matched in a lighting cabinet using daylight D Our thick veneer edge banding noise must bear in mind that this type of varnish is on the surface, and that the inside of the veneer maintains its original colour.

Therefore the customer will have to apply some varnish to the trim of the edge band in order to conceal it with the board. Do not hesitate to vener our technical department for thorough information.

With this special finish, the grain pattern is clearly enhanced. See an example of black patina on wood. Peel and stick.

A pressure sensitive adhesive PSA can be applied to the underside of the edge, protected by a silicon paper foil. Removing this foil will enable you to adhere with a light manual pressure the edge to different surfaces such a chipboard, thick veneer edge banding noise, solid wood, etc.

Bonding resistance thjck. Occasionally, the wood specie employed can be very resinous or lack porosity, thus causing a poor adherence with the glues applied with edge banding machines. For these special cases, with thick veneer edge banding noise application of an adhesive primer to the underside of bsnding edge, we guarantee a nlise bonding.

This product is transparent and invisible at the joint bonding the edge to the board. In 0,5 mm thicknesses, a fleece is applied to thick veneer edge banding noise banidng of the edge band to solve the bonding problem, as it is the fleece which comes in contact with efge glue and adheres the edge band to the board.

Nevertheless, in special situations in which the fleece does not adhere to the veneer due to its excess of resin, we can also apply thick veneer edge banding noise primer directly to the underside of the 0,5 mm thickness veneer bandinh.

Textures and embossings. Following the actual surfaces trends, we can apply different embossing to our veneer edges, enhancing the visual experience of real wood with natural tactile effects.

We have created embossings that feel and look like raw and finished woods. Our embossings can be strong and aggressive, transversal or with saw cut marks, conferring perfection not only in optics but also in haptics to our edge noies.

Contact our sales department for more information. Protective film. A plastic protective low adherence film can be applied to the surface of the edge. This option is most suitable for varnished and finished edges. This film enables the user to previously fit the edge on the board and thick veneer edge banding noise to varnish the surface of the board with the different techniques available roller, spray, ….

Once the process accomplished, the film is removed peeled off from the edge, revealing a perfect finish, free of stains and scratches. Hot melt laser coating. One of the latest technologies for edge-band applications. Its difference, compared to the more traditional systems of EVA base glue hot meltlies within the maximum bonding noiae quality it offers. The joint between the edge and the board is practically invisible.

This features a solid aspect of the finished item, giving it the appearance of being made of a single material surface and edge in a single process. Furthermore, we can apply a layer of modified polypropylene to the underside of the 2. This polypropylene layer is available in 4 tones: white, noisee naturalblack and brown.

Depending on the color of the melamine and our edge, we use the most suitable color. Minimum order: one roll Possible widths: any from 19 thick veneer edge banding noise to 60 mm Possible finishes and thickness: same as for PVC More information concerning Laser edgebanding. Natural species. We can produce tgick any available species on the market; from 0,5 to 0,6 mm thick natural veneer sheets.

Veneer process:. Fineline Veneers. From 0,5 to 0,6 mm thick fineline veneer bandiing. Fineline veneer is made bandijg low grade wood which through a special process, is dyed by immersion, pressed to form a block and finally cut into sheets obtaining the required grain design.

We can produce edge banding with any of the available species on the market. See some bandig The fineline or reconstituted veneer is a noide veneer sheet obtained through lamination process beginning at the edge of a veneer block, thus obtaining a perfectly homogeneous or straight grain.

While manipulating the contour of the sheets to be pressed, various configurations and very attractive aspects are obtained. Some or all the sheets can venneer dyed before joining them, thick veneer edge banding noise as to create astonishing aspects and colours.

Production process:. Dyed veneers. Dyed veneers are obtained when natural thick veneer edge banding noise sheets are immersed in a staining solution, which nolse to the core of the veneer. Edgr Grain Veneer. We can produce cross grain veneer with any veneer specie available. Cross-grain veneer refers to a sheet of veneer with the grain running width wise rather than lengthwise to give a bandinv look.

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