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Industrial & Scientific Cutting Tools Band Saw Blades 10 TPI Timber Wolf Bandsaw Blade 1/4 x 10 TPI Timber Wolf Bandsaw Blade 1/4 x Home. Industrial & Scientific. Cutting Tools. Band Saw Blades. Timber Wolf Bandsaw Blade 1/4" x ", 10 TPI,PS Wood Machines,10 TPI Timber Wolf Bandsaw Blade 1/4 x , 10 TPI Timber Wolf Bandsaw Blade 1/4 x,Timber Wolf Bandsaw Blade 1/4" x ", 10 TPI - Band Saw Blades - Bandsaw Blade 1/4 x 10 TPI Timber.  Couple that with the special ° rake, 5-tooth set pattern, and" thick thin-kerf blade and you have an awesome bandsaw blade! 。 。 。 。 10 TPI Timber Wolf Bandsaw Blade 1/4 x ×. Продолжить покупки. What sets Timber Wolf blades apart from other manufacturers is their method of milling the teeth of the bandsaw blade into single section of strip steel. This technique creates a razor sharp edge without ever having to stamp or grind the teeth like other companies do. When you purchase a Timber Wolf blade, you're getting a precision blade crafted from the highest quality steel. Exact width and thickness of every blade plus the precisely spaced set teeth all combine to form the finest and longest lasting woodworking band saw blade available. Customer Questions & Answers. See questions. Timber Wolf 3 Blade Assortment ". $ ADD.  Cool Block Guide Set / Delta 14" Bandsaw. Item #: CBL $ Cool Block Guide Set / 14" Bandsaws. Item #: CBL $ Bandsaw Tire 14" - Urethane Material. Item #: CI $ My Cart. You will be responsible for shipping charges on exchanges due to incorrect ordering. I have a 14" Jet band saw with 6" riser, what is the best blade number of teeth also the width for doing re-sawing? Most of the time something else is out of wack than the guides. Actually 2, as I had bought a second and used timber wolf bandsaw blades 105 set also with poor results. Item

Your bandsaw will cut better and faster, with less wear on bearings, shafts and tires. Tooth angles and gullet symmetries, combined with a unique set pattern, create a blade that is everything a wood-cutting blade was meant to be. The round design of the gullet eliminates any work hardening zones.

Couple that with the special 6. High silicon, low carbide steel Ideal for resawing thick stock Runs cooler and lasts longer Runs under low tension which requires less horsepower Thin kerf. I have never got the result from this blade like expected.

I've tried changing the tension and have to remove pitch from the blade every use. I haven't cut anything thinker than 9" with it and even soft woods like Spanish cedar is an issue. I left an earlier review with 1 star. Actually 2, as I had bought a second and used it also with poor results.

Have yet to use my two brand new blades so don't know if they are better. Woodcraft gets 10 stars for customer service. Blade does not track evenly due to an imprecise weld joint. Noisey and vibration. Used to resaw 12" and 14" rough hard timber! During the cuts there was no binding or slow down and the cut was clean and precise. I expected this blade to last much longer than this. Used this blade to re-saw some 8" wide walnut and figured maple using a Delta 14" with riser blocks.

Cuts smoothly, and easily. Not real fast, but that is a pretty thick cut. Have used them in the past and will continue to use them in the future! Find a Store. My Account. My Cart. I even put on Carter guides, and still having bad lick. Thanks Dick. This is a multi-step answer: 1. If its green wood wet wood and still 1hp or less order an AS.

Bigger the blade the more HP used. This works for both guide blocks and bearing systems on bandsaws. Most of the time something else is out of wack than the guides. Bandsaw Tune Up Instructions.

Account Login Register My Cart 0. Login Register Search. Run under low tension, and thus require less horsepower from your band saw. These band saw blades produce a thin kerf and can make remarkably tight turns. Welds are re-tempered for superior strength at the weld.

The weld on these blades is warranted. Please order carefully!

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