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Titebond liquid hide glue vs old brown glue youtube does the liquid version of this smelly adhesive possess the same attributes? Buy It or Brew It? The break was about 80 percent glue failure. So if there's any question, I default to Titebond. Here are the steps: The first day, mix two parts hide glue flakes with three parts water into the jar and let everything soak. We blindly tested the smell of the two glues ve the Woodworking Magazine shop. I've also used both but not extensively and not noticed any difference.

This is what you hope to find if you have a problem. A wood failure means that the glue bond held and the wood itself gave way to stress.

While this is not something you wish for, it happens to a single joint, for the most part, and not throughout your project. Pieces on the right side, with ragged edges, clearly show wood failure. To test the glues for failure, we assembled 10 sets of joints using Eastern white pine, five joints per glue. What we found from our basic test was that 60 percent of the failures were in the wood, 30 percent involved partial wood failure and 10 percent were a complete glue-joint failure.

What was interesting is that both liquid hide glues experienced identical results. The only difference was in the partial wood failures. More wood fibers were apparent on the Titebond assembly than on the joint glued with Old Brown glue. Hot hide glue is reversible with heat and moisture. Liquid hide glue has the same characteristic. The simple test we did to discover which Best Clamps For Table Top Glue Up 50 product is most-easily reversed was to apply heat from an ordinary hair dryer.

In , the Titebond glue separated. The break was about 80 percent glue Titebond Hide Glue Lowes 20 failure. Additional patience might have kept the wood preserved. It took only for the Old Brown glue to reverse and that was a true reversal — no wood breakage.

A simple test to determine if joint failure is a result of glue failure or wood failure, is to assemble a few joints then whack the assembly with a hammer. Something has to give. Heat from an ordinary hair dryer was all it took to reverse these small joints, but with a more traditional glue joint, a damp cloth and stronger heat source might have been needed. Option No. Three While we have dissected and evaluated the two chief liquid hide glues on the market, we have yet to mention the possibility of making your own liquid hide glue.

If you have a lot of preservatives, how do you know how old the glue is? To begin, you have to make hot hide glue. You can use an electric hot plate, a saucepan, a small glass jar and a small amount of hide glue flakes or pearls, along with salt. Here are the steps: The first day, mix two parts hide glue flakes with three parts water into the jar and let everything soak. Next, immediately stick Ca Glue For Wood Finish Valve the cooked mixture into your refrigerator for the balance of the day quick cooling is key.

On morning three, fire up the burner and cook the mixture for another two hours Williams always cooks the glue twice. Once the batch cooks the second time, you have liquid hide glue. Williams adds that he seldom makes more than a pint of glue at a time. He pours it into a plastic ketchup or mustard squeeze bottle for easy dispensing. Homemade liquid hide glue is as simple as 1,2,3 — one part table salt, two parts glue and three parts water. All you need is a hot plate, saucepan and a small jar if you decide to brew your own liquid hide glue.

That and a clothespin for your nose. And here is the most interesting part of home-made liquid hide glue: The salt makes this product stay liquid at room temperature and salt preserves the glue so there is no spoil date — just as salt has done throughout time in salting meat. Buy It or Brew It? In the end, you can easily make liquid hide glue in your shop or in your kitchen, and the product is fresh. Old Brown Glue has a fewer number of ingredients and a noticeable initial tack.

Titebond Liquid Hide Wood Glue performs just as well and is more readily available. WM — Glen D. Here are some supplies and tools we find essential in our everyday work around the shop. We may receive a commission from sales referred by our links; however, we have carefully selected these products for their usefulness and quality. By Glen D. In Feature Articles , Techniques.

Glen D. Glen Huey is a former managing editor of Popular Woodworking Magazine, a period furniture maker and author of numerous woodworking books, videos and magazine articles. All rights reserved Privacy Policy Terms of Use.

Start typing and press Enter to search. Aram Member. Do any of you have experience with both? I'm talking about joinery, not veneer or anything like that. Best, Aram, always learning "Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.

CStan Member. I've used both and can't tell any difference. I like OBG because they write the expiration date clearly on the bottle. Franklin has some sort of goofy date code often too faint to read, or half rubbed off. I've also used both but not extensively and not noticed any difference. I started with absolutely nothing.

Now, thanks to years of hard work, careful planning, and perseverance, I find I still have most of it left. Thank you both. Maple Leaf New User. I've used them both quite a bit, as well as the "Fish Glue" that StewMac sells.

All three are excellent, and there's no discernible difference in the cured glue line. However Titebond takes significantly longer before it "grabs", which is often helpful when one needs time to persuade parts into alignment. OBG and Fish Glue both grab pretty quickly. Once OBG grabs, can you still break it loose, reposition and have a successful glue up?

Or, once it grabs, is that it for moving parts? Thanks, Curt "Life can only be understood backwards; but it must be lived forwards. Tony Z Something other--as requested. It has a bit more open time, but, if you "rub" the joint, grip happens very quickly. It is a white glue and I now prefer it over any other similar formula but hide glue remains my top choice. Website Find. Curt, Once OBS grabs you better like it.

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