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Order this mini tongue and groove v-notch router bit set for flooring, wainscotting, panels, and more. It's great for 5/8" stock down to 3/8" stock. Are there special router bits to tongue and groove lumber this thin? Not for a cut that small. Bad idea. Shiplap is best. pat warner. for the groove. Cut the ā€œVā€ either with a router bit or on the table saw. The tongue is" and the groove is about". It seems like I took a thin 6" cutoff wheel in my Dewalt grinder and cut the shape real slow. Worked. Register for a new account. Description Features. CNC Bit Sets. On Amazon, the Borsch M has an average review score of 4 out of 5 stars. The is outfitted with a hidden brad head nail ridge and a rounded tongue cutter which will definitely assist with flooring projects. Cart is empty. Customer service Contact Us.

This mini tongue and groove v-notch router bit set is great for 5/8" stock and can also be used as a standard tongue and groove for stock as small as 3/8". The tongue and groove section measures 1/4" deep x 3/16" high. 1/2" shanks. Finally, a factory matched Tongue & Groove router bit set that works perfectly with thin stock! Precisely machined slot cutters feature 3-wings and anti-kickback design for efficient and safe cutting. Unlike standard tongue and groove router bit sets desi. Bosch /8-in Carbide-Tipped Tongue and Groove Router Bit. Bosch Carbide-Tipped Router Bits deliver precision and durability. They feature premium-quality micrograin carbide tips that are engineered with a special heat-treating process for an extra-fine finish. .

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