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MLCS Woodworking Tongue and Groove carbide tipped router bits make a perfect interlocking joint.  I just purchased these for doing tongue and groove inside corner cabinets. I used wormy oak and resawed it then planed it to 3/8 and then used these cutters. They worked great!! Thanks MLCS tongue & groove v-notch set (5/5), Mar 7, By Jaime M Chao (Calexico Ca US). No comment. Tongue and groove router bits will cut the 2 mating profiles for this easy to make woodworking joint with ease and with a simple setup. This joint also provides a lot of gluing surface as well as aligning ease. Tongue and groove bits can take quite a big bite out of the wood, so using these bits in a router table is strongly recommended. Even though some smaller tongue and groove bits can be utilized in a hand-held router the stability of a table will help keep the joint perfectly square. For best results, use with solid wood only. Our router bits are manufactured using solid hardened steel an. PROFESSIONAL WOODWORKING TOOL SET - It comes with a tongue router bit, a groove router bit ½ '' shank and a 45° lock miter router bit ½ '' shank,create beautifully handmade furniture on your own. Size of Grooving Router Bit: Shank Dia: 1/2", Tooth Width: 1/4"(mm),Tooth Depth: 1/2"(mm). HIGH QUALITY MATERIALS - Solid hardened steel bodies with anti kickback design.  I am not new to wood working or inexperienced in the setup and use however I have never had an experience like this one. The materials used was cheap quality. Worked as designed when used with the grain but malfunctioned when using cross grain, the bit ejected, damaged the router table and hit me in the chest.

Jan 30,  · I am new to work working generally. I have a single speed Ryobi 1/4 shank router that I have mounted in a table I built. Because it's 1/4'', I had to go with a 3-wing bit to make tongue and groove boards. I am having some balance issues. The trouble began when the tongue for the groove was ever-so-slightly too narrow. Tongue and Groove. Tongue & Groove 2 Piece Router Bit Sets. Tongue & Groove TripleWing Set. Tongue & Groove Assembly NEW! Tongue & Groove Flooring Set with Nail Slot. Tongue & Groove V-Notch. Two Piece Beaded Framing Set NEW! V-Groove Face Frame Joining NEW! Exclusively from Infinity Tongue And Groove Router Setup On Windows Tools, with the purchase of any of these router bit sets you'll receive the 3/4" setup block (a $ value) at no extra charge. Please note: item does not include a setup block Freud Tongue And Groove Router Bits Error because it is a square tongue and groove cut.

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