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Forstner Bits. Among our sharpening jigs, you will find jigs for short and long knives, scissors, axes, gouges, chisels, planer blades, moulding knives, drill bits and more. Ring Smart Home Security Systems. Get free delivery tool grinding jig Amazon Prime. The Skew Jig was designed specifically for grinding Skews. Compare With Quick View Item

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Internet Explorer Firefox Chrome If you can't change your browser because of compatibility issues, think about installing a second browser for browsing and keep the old one for compatibility. Grinding jigs Grinding jigs gives you control of the sharpening A jig is a device in which you mount your edge tool to achieve a controlled sharpening. Thanks again. Grinding gage used to check a tool's side and front clearance and tool cutting angle. A reproduction of Kreg Tools Pocket Jig 500 South Bend Lathe Works cutter bit grinding block.

Comes with your choice of 2 square toolbit holders. This complete set includes the Grinding Jig, GJ plus the complete set of 5 square toolbit holders. Tool holders for our tool bit grinding jig GJ Select size. Our jig grinding capabilities allow us to grind straight or tapered holes up to 6.

Our CNC jig grinding expertise allows us to process complex geometries to a very high degree of precision. Staffed by qualified professionals, our inspection department houses specialized equipment for dimensional measurement and surface analysis. When we push accuracy to the limits, our quality technicians carry out a series of industry-standard procedures using sophisticated tools and techniques.

Leveraging the capabilities of our high-resolution CMMs, profilometers, and other sensitive metrology instruments, we confirm that parts comply with the most challenging specifications.

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