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Новый. Торговая марка: Tsunesaburo. Фабричный номер детали: TSN-MABOROSHI UPC: Does not apply. Продавец берет на себя полную ответственность за это объявление о товаре. Обработка заказа и доставка. Tsunesaburo Maboroshi Blue Steel Smoothing Plane 55mm by Mr. Akio Uozumi. Осталось: 29 дн. 7 ч. 46 мин. 55 сек. 19 a. Stanley CAST IRON SMOOTHING PLANE mm Hardened & Tempered Blade. Осталось: 29 дн. 18 ч. 13 мин. 37 сек. 11 a. WoodRiver #/2 Smoothing Plane. Осталось: 20 дн. 9 ч. 29 мин. 52 сек. 19 a. Antique Curved Surface Smoothing Plane. Осталось: 19 дн. 13 ч. 24 мин. 22 сек. Meimon smoothing plane. Meimon is Tsunesaburo’s top brand. The blade is hand-forged from a special carbon steel with a higher wear resistance than, for instance, blue paper steel (Aogami no. 1). The cutting layer is forge-welded to a soft iron reclaimed from Wood River Planes Canada Vessel anchor chains dating back to the 19th century. The steel used for anchor chains in the 19th century was softer than it is today and was less wear-resistant. The soft substrate of iron is ideally really soft, which is why Jay Jay Jet Planes Lyrics this material is in great demand by Japanese blacksmiths. During a recent trip to Japan we visited with Akio Uozumi, a third-generation plane blade maker tsunesaburo smoothing plane the Tsunesaburo family — the best known and most respected plane makers in Japan. Shunran compass plane with a straight blade Sori Kanna This Shunran compass plane also has a blade of blue paper steel Aogami no. Clifton - No. During a recent trip to Japan we visited with Akio Uozumi, a third-generation plane blade maker in the Tsunesaburo family of blacksmiths — the best known and most respected Jointer Plane Size Qnap plane makers in Japan That is why the tsunesaburo smoothing plane of the cutting edge is specified separately.

Add to Cart. Fujikawa - Okyo Japanese Chisel Set piece. WoodRiver - 7 Jointer Plane. Shibano - Shibano Umeki Chisel 10pc Set. Clifton - No. WoodRiver - Side Rabbet Plane. WoodRiver - Carver's Spoon Plane.

We had the pleasure of spending two days with Mr. Uozumi reviewing plane styles and watching demonstrations. Uozumi is a master plane maker who uses the finest quality materials.

He brought along some new planes, featured below, that we are adding to our lineup. We have added Maboroshi planes from 36mm to 70mm. We, of course, believe you should have one for every size project. If you want just one to start, we recommend the 48mm or 55mm. The Maboroshi loosely translated to Illusion Kanna may look like any other plane, but the 1 blue steel blade has a rare modification to its Ece Primus Jointer Plane 50 back that significantly reduces the need to lap the back of the plane.

The blade just needs a periodic sharpening to renew its cutting edge. We offer Maboroshi Planes in seven sizes, from 36mm to 70mm. Find a Store. My Account. My Cart. Go to Home Page. Saburo Uozumi. This plane is made from the finest blue paper steel, with a Japanese White Oak dai body.

A smoothing plane is used to smooth the roughness and tears of a wooden surface. Compared to a block plane, a smoothing plane has a bigger body and can be used to smooth large boards and lumber. The chipbreaker, which is the second blade that comes with the plane, breaks the wood fibers immediately after they are cut and reduces tears.

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