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Choosing the type of acrylester or plastic pen blank depends on the pen size. If you are turning a 7mm pen, choose a solid colored blank and not a Turning Acrylester Pen Blanks Data opaque one or Pen Turning Blanks Wood Zip Code you frequently end Pen Turning Blanks Acrylic up seeing the brass tube through the plastic, particularly at the narrowest ends of the pens. as shown in the above example Solid blanks like these work much better for 7mm pens. May 26,  · 1) inlace acryluster gives a lot of people trouble. Seems to be one of the harder acrylics to turn. But the results can be very pretty. 2) I would try a higher rpm - maybe in the 3, to 4, range. 3) Buy Pen Turning Blanks 2019 carbide works fine on acrylic - but you need to have sharp cutters. Dec 25,  · Part 1 turning acrylic acrylester pen blank on lathe with skew chisel. This is the most brittle type of acrylic for turning so high RPM and thin shavings used.

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