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Unika Solid Wood Worktop Oil should be stored at 20°C – 30°C for 8 hours prior to use. Ensure that the oil is stirred prior to use Hepa Air Cleaner Woodworking Llc and keep well stirred during use. Cleaning of Applicators and Coverage Mild solvent, kerosene etc. may be used to clean equipment. Unika Solid Surface Worktop Cleaner is a ready to use everyday specialist cleaner, which tackles everyday grease and grime. Cleans worktop safely and is biodegradable Cleans worktops without leaving smears to a sparkling clean finish. Download Solid Surface Worktop Cleaner Feature Sheet. Ready to use specially formulated pH7 Neutral Cleaner for wood worktops It will remove light grease, fat, cooking stains, food residue etc. Cleans worktop safely and is biodegradable. Download Solid Wood Worktop Cleaner Feature Sheet.

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