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vintage woodworking vise. Best Match Ending Newest Most Bids. S M L XL. More Share. Facebook. Twitter. Email. $ Vintage CRAFTSMAN 7'' Jaw Woodworking Vise Under Mount Cast Iron Vice #  $ Vintage Wilton Woodworking Vise 10" Carpentry Wood Vise Wood Clamp Bench Vice. More Share. Facebook. Twitter. Email. $ Vintage Columbian Under Bench Mount Woodworking Vise No. 2. More Share.  $ Vintage Record Number 55 woodworkers vise vice England Shed find. More Share. Facebook. Twitter. Email. $ (9 bids) OLD USED VINTAGE ANTIQUE TOOLS MACHINIST VISE TOOLMAKER WOODWORKING CLAMP GERMAN. More Share. Save record woodworking vice to get email alerts and updates on your eBay Feed.+ Postage to: Finland. Update your delivery location.  VINTAGE RECORD No.1 VICE HEAVY DUTY 3” JAWS Engineers Mechanics Soldering Vise. Pre-owned. EUR Welcome to my channel In this video I will be restoring a vintage Record 52 1/2 Woodworking Vice. For this restoration I copied the finish of my Record 34 vice. The raw metal finish gives the piece a more industrial look. And an added benefit is that there is no paint to chip or scratch.  Vintage Picture Frame Miter Trimmer Restorati Добавлено: 1 год. My tiny Workshop 1 год. Restoration - A beautiful workshop VISE. Добавлено: 1 год. Bring me back to life - Restorations 1 год. How To Make A Wooden Chair With Wood Lathe // Добавлено: 1 год. Woodworking Tools 1 год. Record No 50 Combination Plane Restoration. Добавлено: 1 год. My tiny Workshop 1 год. Pedestal Dining Table. How Pros Look at Lumber. Hudson Valley Chest of Drawers. John Ward; Robert L. Cedar Garden Bench. Typically offered in 3" - 8" in jaw width some larger examples Record Cabinet Woodworking Plans Line can reach 10" wide jaws and over woodqorking A Pro's Secret to a Perfect Finish'.

Polyurethane Is My Go-to Glue. Build Your Own Handsaw. Stand Up to This Desk. Essential Clamp Kit. Tablesaw Sled for Miters. How Pros Look at Lumber.

Hand-Built Home for Hand Tools. Strategies for Squeeze-out. Learn to Love the Skew. Frame and Panel Cabinet. Fast Shellac Finish. Get Better Cuts with Your Planer. Bold Joinery for Casework. Use Vintage Glass for Cabinet Doors. Build a Simple Stool. Make Your Own Bandings.

A Table for 2, 4, or 6. Tool Test: Track Saws. Learn from Antiques. Sleek Box with a Sliding Lid. Which Waxes Work Best.

Marriage of Metal and Wood. Turn a Bowl. Small Cabinet Is Big on Details. Sanding on the Drill Press. Stow-and-Go Sharpening Box. Add Muscle to your Miters. Super Glue to the Rescue. Make Your Own Scratch Stocks. Cedar Garden Bench. Bedside Table. Tablesaw Blades for Joinery. A Pro's Secret to a Perfect Finish'.

Tool Test: Benchtop Planers. These Puppies Have Bite. Learn to Resaw. Build a Longboard. Limbert-Inspired Coffee Table. Drill Press Tips and Tricks. Discover the Beauty of Big Slabs. Simple Hanging Cabinet. Essential Bandsaw Blades.

Solid Method for Curved Drawers. Wooden Spoons. Shaker Workbench. Open Rack for Hand Tools. Shopmade Tablesaw Inserts. Restore a Vintage Vice. Clever Countertop. Build Your Shop into the House. The Enfield Cupboard, Updated. Sanding Basics. Half-Blind Dovetails Cut by Hand. Beautiful Bandsawn Boxes. Turn a Spindle. Woodworkers on the Rise. Outfeed Table Doubles as a Workbench. The Versatile Wedge.

Pedestal Record Woodworking Bench Vise 77 Dining Table. Tool Test: Drill Presses. Build a Collector's Case. The Power of the Pull Stroke. Rout Perfect Hinge Mortises. Shaker Lap Desk. Backsaws that Can Do It All. Stylish Details Enliven a Low Dresser. Get Started Spraying. The most common and versatile vises, the bench vise serves mechanics, machinists and Record Woodworking Bench Vise tinkerers alike.

Typically offered in 3" - 8" in jaw width some larger examples can reach 10" wide jaws and over pounds. Generally designed to be mounted to a mill or lathe, the machinist vise are usually precision made tools that demand a high price at sale.

Many swivel and some even has 3 axis of movement. A less precise version of the machinist vise, the drill press vise is about holding parts for drilling only. Designed to be mounted under a work bench, the jaws are typically made from soft wood and can be easily replaced.

This allows clamping of wood without leaving marks on the work piece. A wood vise on steroids! The pattern vise allows several more degrees of movement. The jaws swivel as well as the entire vise can be rotated above the table making this the transformer of vises.

Used to hold water pipe for threading and cutting, the pipe vise is a plumbers best friend. While not as collectible as bench vises, some older examples are truely beautiful and well made. Typically 2" wide jaw or less, the jeweler vise usually has an accompanying anvil for fine hammer work on jewelery.

Examples can mount like a typical bench vise or often clamp to the edge of a work bench. Prices Vintage Craftsman Woodworking Vise Sale for Prentiss and Boley jeweler vises can bring top dollar.

A hand-held version of the jewelers vise, it's used most often for fine work on jewelery. When filing or other fine work is needed, a hand vise it a valuable tool to the jeweler. The strongest of vises, the blacksmith leg vise is made from forged steel or iron and designed to take heavy blows from a blacksmith's hammer. Some of the oldest vises made, the post vises can bring serious money for the largest and rarest examples.

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