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Allow sufficient time for project to dry. 24 hours is a good estimate for Watco Danish Oil but depending on temperature and humidity, additional time might be needed. Periodic buffing during this drying phase to remove any oil that seeps out over time will make the next coatFile Size: KB. Using a natural bristle paintbrush, apply the first layer of Danish oil to the wood. (Do not over-soak the wood, but apply generously to all surfaces.) Allow the oil to absorb into the wood for approximately half an hour. Watch the surface of the wood and apply more oil to areas that absorb the oil the fastest. Mar 26,  · Use only on dry wood from which all previous coatings have been removed. Flood surface using a brush or cloth, applying additional finish to areas that absorb all of the liquid. Allow to penetrate for 30 minutes. Reapply, allowing an additional 15 minutes of penetration/5(38).

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