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More elastic finishes can stretch and shrink (a little bit) with the wood to avoid those issues. So, if your project will be Woodworking Plans In Metric 2020 outside, but not in regular direct sunlight (3 seasons porch w/ windows, large overhanging roofs, toys/equipment that is not stored in direct sun, etc.) Woodwork Bench From Pallets 2020 you can use other Waterlox products. Mar 28,  · Waterlox is a finishing stain that is used to protect wood surfaces. The Waterlox brand comes in three different finishes – the Original Sealer/Finish, the Original Satin Finish, and the Original High Gloss Finish. If you want to apply Waterlox to your wood surface, you’ll need to sand it down, clean up any leftover debris, and paint with Views: 15K. I’ve never stained wood and then used Waterlox so I can’t speak to how the Original or Satin finish sealer will behave in this instance. Spencer May 21, at pm.

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