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Malletops is a Big Game Hunter creature requiring level 95 Hunter and level 75 Slayer to catch. It is located north of the Anachronia base camp and is attracted by raw corbicula rex meat.. It has 90, life points and no set poison weakness. The weakness changes randomly between herds of dinosaurs. A quick guide to hunting this dinosaur within Big Game Hunter can be found on this page. Feb 25,  · The hammer is crafted with excellent workmanship and has a sturdy frame that is great for taking on tough projects. The Stanley White Mallet Hammer 2020 13 Wood Hammer was designed with a traditional wooden handle that lets it absorb vibrations and feedback that is generated when you swing the hammer. A hammer toe is a toe that has an abnormal bend in its middle joint. The bend forces the toe to flex downward into the shape of a hammer, hence the name hammer toe (or mallet toe). Hammer toe usually appears on the 2nd or 3rd toe and while it can be present at birth, it usually develops over time as a result of wearing ill-fitting shoes or.

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